altGar 63 / M
"Romantic,creative,honorable dominant"
The Woodlands, Texas, United States
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altGar 63/M
The Woodlands, Texas
How delicious to corrupt,to stifle all semblances of virtue and religion in that young heart!"-Marques De Sade In my case,"young"is relative.I'm a grown man,and I seek a grown with life experience,independence,and a heart yearning to find the one.We've lived parallel lives until now;both of us disappointed with the shortcomings of online"dominates"and"subb ies".We each have loved others before,but dream of the white-hot flame of a forever kind of dominance and submission...and love. I am not interested in one night stands. In a D/s relationship great sex requires some intimacy, a candid knowledge of My lovers erotic touchstones.Don't get me wrong.My needs are fierce,and I will satisfy them.I will spoil and spank...deny and indulge...restrict and free...and you will beg for your release...and capture.I will make you my own. Are you the one?

My Ideal Person I require a woman that “must” orgasm everyday. That feels her sexuality grow weekly. That believes she has a man’s sexual needs. As I have grown older I believe sex and the physical and emotional ties should be re-enforced repeatedly,daily,hourly. The woman who is distracted during her work-a-day world, by her thoughts, by her hunger. I believe My responsibility is to enhance and to feed her needs. To spark her interest whether sexually or romantically. To allow her sexuality to grow, to provide goals and opportunities to grow erotically. To allow her to be the slut she desires to be, but hasn’t been allowed to blossom, because of responsibilities and social mores.
Trust in such a relationship is paramount. I expect this to take time. There will be an auditioning process for both of us. Her responsibilities are to be honest and forthright. To always keep me informed of her feelings, concerns, needs. I expect tears of growth and joy.You will despise me and your heart will swell. You will be voracious and humiliated by your desires.
she must enjoy expanding her sexual horizons. I have met a number of woman on Heated Affairs that may fantasize a Dominant lover, what they really want is a bully that pounds away at their holes until they are sore. That is not my desire, find a horny 20 year old or buy a fucking machine. Both of these things have there place and time but not at the beginning. Our largest sex organ is between our ears.
Anais Nin knew the heart of the submissive I seek."I don't mind working,holding my ground intellectually,artistically:but as a woman,oh God,as a woman i want to be dominated.I don't mind being told to stand on my own feet,not to cling all that i am capable of doing but i am going to be pursued,fucked,possessed by the will of a male at his time,his bidding."

What are your favorite musicians or bands?:
YES, Micheal Tomlinson, Steely Dan, Rush, Jon Anderaon,
Dana Cooper,

Tell one of your favorite sexual fantasies. Don't hold back!:
This is a story I wrote to a sub. requiring her to fill-in
her responses to situations. You will notice the change
in tone. This was written to push her erotic buttons and
for her to fantasize some ideas she had not thought about.
she is straight but a true submissive. Some of the action
I engage in regularly, some I never have or particularly
want to. It was written for her. Once you make her cum I will
remove the chastity belt. Master spoke quietly in your
ear, as we arrived at His apt. Master poured you each a glass
of wine, and retreated to the bedroom. You had picked her
up at Whispers, per His guidance. A swing-club you are not
at all comfortable about. Too desperate; the members too
needy. The words currently fit you exactly. With your secured
loins all you could smell was your musk. The little ditz
next to you believed you were in a rut for her. Master had
made sure of that. Telling her at the club, you could not
be trusted around women. Your hole continued to betray
you, as it has all week. How to seduce a girl? To make her feel
the all encompassing need you felt, that drove you to do
this for Him. To feel His hands, mouth, and cock, claiming
you again. To taste His seed. In your mouth, and your pussy,
instead of Latex. You place the wine on the table and lean
in for your first girly kiss. So soft and light, not the
claiming, the ownership you were use to in a kiss. The antithesis
of your lust and love .That you required. Your mind rebels
at the softness. Celeste leans into you. She grasps your
breasts. Caressing them, pulling your nipples, sucking
on your lips. Much too light, but your body soars, none the
less. The hunger, the need, too strong, to rebel against.
This girl had obviously been with other women. How could
you ever make her believe you hungered for girl parts.
Master had set the rules. If you betrayed his lies to Celeste
she would be sent away. you would have to wait even longer.
And your next opportunity would be more dreadful. Master
returns, you are ordered to strip, slowly, for Celeste
and Him. Nipples, painfully hard and tight, skin flushed,
eyes dilated. Maybe she would put 2 and 2 together. Figure
out you were playing a charade. You enter the bedroom; candles
engulfed the room. Master had set the stage for this little
drama. He excuses Celeste to the bathroom. You are made
to kneel at the foot of the bed. Leather cuffs attached to
your wrists and secured together behind you. Two combs
are placed in your hair, at opposition; rope encircles
the combs, and is measured carefully so that if you pull
painfully you may place your chin on the bed. Master loves
penalty ties. You will have to struggle to satisfy this
girl. With her porn tits, overly made-up and under dressed,
young trollop. Decidedly not the class of woman Master
preferred, nor you, if you ever had a preference in women
.You were sure that is why she was chosen. The girl returns.
She is completely shaven, as are you. Hygiene of the belt
requires it. Her breasts artificially high on her chest,
her pussy flushed. Her labia open, lips distended, beneath
her. Master lays her on the bed. He spreads her directly
in front of your face. Her swollen lips opened, proudly
displaying her wetness. None of the shame you felt, chained
between those spread thighs. I must keep a close watch
on the little bitch. If I didnt allow her to bring you
home with us, I would find her mouth attached to one of the
neighbor females. Master tells Celeste as He reaches
to stroke and spread her wider. He leans over to lightly
kiss and nibble her neck, ears and check. He sits up, still
clothed, and slides two fingers into that cunt, inches
from your face. His eyes owning yours as he moves his glazed
fingers to your lips. Fetch what you so badly seek little
one. Returning his stare, trembling, i hear His words
and know what i must do to earn His touch. My eyes beg for mercy,
but His look hardens as He starts to withdraw His slick fingers
from my reach. I lean forward as quickly as i can, my head
jerked short by the grip on my hair. Pain rushes tears to
my eyes, and He chuckles softly at my predicament. i open
my mouth wide, and extend my tongue to His fingers. They
are the closest thing to His touch ive had for days and my
heart races at the thought. With one look, He senses my hunger
for His fingers, and with a cluck of His tongue, He paints
my cheek with His fingers, denying me the chance to suck
them clean. Upping the ante, He props her up in His lap, nuzzling
her neck and ears, spreading her thighs wide, scooting
her to the edge of the bed, even closer to my face. i close
my eyes, and rest my burning cheek against her thigh, hiding
the tears, trying to think of any other way out of this damned
bondage. His fingers split her labia and spread her wide,
her clit swollen and ready, and says softly to Celeste,
Shes such a slut, I have to keep her tied up to keep her from
trying to take you for her own. Shes been watching you all
night. she loves pussy. Dont you, pet? I swallow hard,
trying to get past the revulsion. Yes. Yes? Yes,
i whisper. Yes, Sir. Abandoning all hope of redemption,
i lower my lips and press a chaste kiss against her slit,
holding my breath. He lowered his voice and murmured, Dont
be shy, slut. Show me how much you want it. With a sob, my
lips part and i lap at the wet cunt in front of me. Feeling
the girls hips move, i feel a rush of sensation to my own
clit, swollen and hole open and empty, untouched.
In desperation, i stiffen my tongue and dip it into her over
and over again, wishing it were me being filled with tongue.
A soft girl-sigh from the bed, and He responds with a whispered,
Pet, you are such a slut. Ill bet youre dripping. His
ridicule flashes red behind my eyelids, and i root for her
clit, determined to get her off. i nuzzle the base of her
clit, and suckle it between my lips, following her hips
as she starts to buck, ignoring the burn from the pulling
of my hair. im merciless, sucking and tonguing her, but
im awkward without my hands to help me. i rock back on my
heels to catch my breath, my face slick from her. Panting,
i look up at Him, frantic that i wont earn what He has promised.
i lower my face to her again, only to find my way blocked by
His hand, cupping her bare mound. Im afraid not all girls
cum as easily as you do, little one. Lets let Celeste decide.
Maybe shed like me to fuck her while you watch...or maybe
she wants to sit on your face...or maybe she wants me to take
you outside and chain you to the front gate while we have
our own little party in here. With my heart breaking, i watch
His fingers rub her slit, her thighs spreading wider as
she giggles. I believe I will give you some help in your
mission. Rolling from under Celeste I unzip my fly. Grabbing
two belts from the closet. Roll on a condom and sit back down
facing you. I pull Celeste down onto my jutting cock. I cinch
the belts around both our thighs. She is on her back. What
you see, rudely displayed in front of you. My cock deeply
embedded in her. My trousers, covering my hanging balls.
Her lips widely splayed her clit protruding. Now pet,
I will see your whores mouth attached to her. Celeste doesnt
play with her pussy all day like you. No more breaks until
she has her fill. You best be neat in your work. If I see
a stain on my pants, you will spend the night licking them
clean, on the floor. The new position puts Celeste much
closer to your face. No reprieve for you as she ruts up and
down on my cock. I tweak and milk her breasts as I suckle her
neck and ears. I whisper in her ear. Celeste is mid cycle,
what issues from her is thick white girl cream, to keep my
pants fresh. you must alternate, from sucking, tonguing
her clit, to licking the latex clad base of my cock. The added
stimulus of My cock seems to work. Celeste writhes, pushing
her ass into my pelvis, her thighs bound to mine. Your dutiful
mouth and tongue send her skyward. She sits up, her thighs
shaking her belly and hole in spasms. you see her cunt gripping,
milking, and My cock deep with-in her. I pull her back down
to me. Thrusting deeper into her, working my hips side to
side. My cock rubbing against her g-spot, she fights to
sit up right, to close her thighs. You renew your assault
on her as she begins to wail. Noooo. Her cunt is bloated,
swelling, even more cream issuing from her hole. Her hips
rising up, your tongue feels a jet issuing from her pee hole.
you must jam your mouth over her, to keep My pants fresh.
Your bottom lip, feels my cock pulse, My balls pull up into
your chin as I bellow. Fuckkk. My voice deep and strained.
Stabbing into her hole. Her climax, and mine, has released
a fresh torrent, from her cunt. You will remember the taste
of Celestes essence. We cuddle in our after glow. I whisper
in her ear, as she giggles. In a bit she sits up stroking you
on the head and face. I have never squirted before. I
thought I was going to pee in your face. My you are a mess
she giggles. Any make-up you were wearing for our night
out has been dissolved. Your hair matted to your face. I
sit up behind her. Unlash our thighs. I stand; Celeste is
shaking and immediately sits back down. I remove the condom,
zipping up, and push it into your mouth. I tell you to show
your appreciation. And clean Celestes thighs and cunt.
I grab 2 sets of socks from the drawer, Celestes keys and
leave the apartment. i hold the condom against the roof
of my mouth, close to your cum, but only
allowed to be the receptacle, only used for trash bin for
a discarded condom. i gently drop it, lapping at it like
a pup with a new toy, wishing to be permitted one taste. i
raise my eyes to the girl youve left in my care, freshly
fucked, and realize i need to maintain the charade or you
will keep denying me what i need. i start to stand, but realize
youve left me chained to the wall, leaving me nothing but
my tongue with which to bathe her thighs. i whisper softly,
Please, Celeste...let me clean you. Such a beautiful
pussy, so open from Masters Cock. i lean forward and start
at the curve of one knee, tasting her musk with every lick.
Begging softly, i nudge her legs wide again. i will leave
no trace of you on her, or in her. i can smell you on her cunt,
and it drives me to lick even more...seeking the essence
of you, in the slickness of her shaven folds. What have you
changed me into? Not changed, you find what you truly are.
i suck and bite at her thighs, making her shudder again.
If you will not have me, what am i? i am nothing...empty hole...sucking
her clit until she screams...your needy cunt, nothing can i bring you back to me? Nothing but a cunt
licking slut...empty...god... Surprised? At how quickly
you picked up lesbian love-making. You hear the front door
open, you hear the patio door slid open, and I return to the
bedroom. Celeste see to my guest, he is very well behaved?
Knelling by you I begin to untie your hair. you notice my
cock is very hard and the devil is in my eyes. you will do
this next thing because I require it. Celeste has a lover
and you are to be shared with tonight. you understand
that in this, you are not given a choice. Nor will you be
given time to prepare. Celeste will remain because I
am as new to this as are you. Let us go to the bathroom, it
will be at least be an hour or more before I will allow it again.
As I help you to your feet, you notice the web-cam is on the
dresser next to where you were restrained. Following your
eyes I smile and tell you that it is not connected to the web,
only recording to hard drive. We will relive your experiences
tonight, for years to come. In the bathroom I hold you tightly
to me. Stroking your hair, I feverishly kiss your eyes,
cheeks, and lips. you feel my hard cock press against your
stomach. I knell, removing the chastity belt and place
the belt in the tub. I rise. I extend my hand my palm up at the
height of your crotch. You may place My cunt in My hand.
You rise up on your toes and settle into to my palm. Who does
this belong to? For whom does this exist and what my I do
with it? Softly, almost childlike, i murmur while brushing
my hair back from my face with the back of my hand. It is yours,
Master. It exists for you, to use as you please, for your
pleasure. Its a reflexive answer, borne of years of training.
Never have i felt its truth more acutely, standing naked
and dirty before you. i raise my eyes to yours, relieved
at the removal of the hated belt. Surely you couldnt be
so cruel as to deny me now. I feel the bloom of my loves swollen
sex in my palm. So wet and easily satisfied. It would be so
easy to drop to my knees, to suckle at the spring of her loins.
To curtail her need as vanilla lovers would. She nor I
could not be satiated by such a thing. I had been labeled
cruel Master all week of our time together and correctly
so. Each morning I had removed the hated Chastity Belt,
allowed her abolitions, masturbated her to near climax,
and then returned her to her very private prison, repeating
the same procedure each evening. i bend my knees the tiniest
bit, increasing the pressure of your hand cupping my mons
and sigh, leaning in closer to you. i wish for a long bath,
to remove the stink of another woman, but would give that
up to simply stay in your arms. The electricity in your gaze
startles me as you push me backwards to the toilet, pushing
me away from you, reminding me of the task that still remains.
During the week, when she had began to sulk and behave unbecomingly.
I would increase My presence in her mind and body. During
these episodes I removed the belt nearly a dozen times and
administered punishments. Chaining her to the bed, I carefully
drying her swollen cunt, by blowing on it. I plagued her
pussy with a fine camel hair paint brush, drawing Xs and
Os, A, B, Cs, on her overfed, under nourished clit. She
had dissolved into sobs when I re-belted her. I had taken
my pleasure in her mouth, with the use of an o-ring gag, not
allowing her to suckle. Fucking her ass, very slowly, not
allowing her to cum. I deposited my seed and sealed her ass
with a plug. She had been flogged, without a rhythm, and
slapped, not allowing her to reach sub space. I had used
clips tied to rubber bands attached to her ankles, suspending
a Hitachi wand over her clitoris. She would stretch up have
contact with the vibrator while her labia was painfully
stretched downward. This caused her hood to tighten and
minimize the pleasurable contact. I jacked off, encouraging
her to strain for her release, on the tormenting vibe. That
was only done one time, I was afraid she would tear herself
with her need. I only penetrated her with a speculum. Spreading
her open to manipulate her cervix and stroke her g-spot,
until both were swollen and filling her cavernous hole
with her fluid. This I would collect with a handkerchief
or sponge and require her to cleanse in her mouth. She would
writhe and hump any object placed near her hole. Each time
I unlocked her sexual prison was to inflict pain or torment,
to an area only designed for pleasure. By this time I believe
she hated me to remove the belt as much as she hated having
it on. She was constantly on edge; my glassware paid a heavy
toll. When belted she either had worry balls, ben wa balls,
dried loafa or My remote controlled egg inside her or ensconced
between her lips. The ben was are such a small distraction
I would use them when she was going to work or when I knew she
needed to concentrate. Our time together I would use a combination
of tortures to keep her on edge. My worry balls are 4
around and have a very deep chime, undeniable when pressed
against a sluts cervix. I have been told they can be felt
and heard with the smallest movement. Their deep thrumming
enflaming the entire pelvis. The loafa, I have a large collection.
They are cut, shaped and dried for an abundance of humiliating
uses. Having an object growing in girth and length inside
her because of her arousal, independent of her will, is
delicious. I added the remote vibe at unexpected times
to enrich our perversions. Watching her at restaurants,
rocking side to side the chiming heard only by her as the
cavern inside her is expanded and lengthened I believe
she spent most of her time in fantasy, frozen and staring.
Never had I seen a woman spend so much time in her cunt. I have
always respected sluts their motivations are pure.
Having an inanimate object animated by my will and her desires,
seeking out her dampest most personal spaces and expanding,
filling her to uncomfortable volumes. I lost control in
a restaurant. Watching her reveries I allowed her to cum
in public. I was so entranced by her. I cannot not tell how
many people were witnesses to her spasms. The look of her
joy and humiliation was incredible. The little death must
have lasted nearly 3 min. I love her most when she is out of
control. I cannot accept this in myself, my loss of control
can be dangerous. I know what motivates my love, her empty
needy hole, and my aim is to use this knowledge. To take us
to an area we would never forget. Using our perversity and
our love to expand our connection and to have the scene captured
on hard drive. The story continues but it cannot be shown
here because of subject matter.

What types of sexual activities turn you on?:
Giving Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sadomasochism, Toys (Vibrators/Dildos/etc.), Rimming, Fetishes, Light Bondage, Candle Wax, Spanking, Role Playing, Slave/Master, Mutual Masturbation, Food Play, Making Home "Movies", Participating in Erotic Photography, Voyeurism, Handcuffs/Shackles, Breast/Nipple Torture, Clamps, etc., Blindfolds, Leather, Latex, Fisting, open, whats your kink?, lets discuss

Ever fantasized about having sex with a celebrity? Who? What turns you on about them?:

Have you ever had cybersex?:
Unsure/Prefer not to say

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