Today was a busy morning  

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12/20/2021 12:01 pm
Today was a busy morning

Today woke up at 2am to start hearing Wendy I need you. And when I got to him he says I have been calling you for 20 minutes. ( yeah right) in my head. He only called my name once and for him it’s 20 minutes. Wanting pain pills and since I’m up already might as well give breathing treatment. After all that I went back into bed and had to take care of Jose as well because he had woken him up so needed to make him tired again. Well was getting ready to fall asleep again and he starts calling me again. What is with this man? What is he afraid of? He does not want to be alone anymore so I need to find a way that he can have some friends come over and sit with him. I think I’m going to contact his old friend Norma and see if she can pop up to see what happens.

Tried to go Christmas shopping early this morning but he would not let me go til he got a glazed donut with milk.

Nurses will be coming to give him bath and wound care. I have a lot of questions for these nurses today.

I’ll come back later and tell you how the rest of the day has gone…..

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