Today was a busy day #2  

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12/20/2021 7:01 pm
Today was a busy day #2

Well I said I would come back to let you know how the day turned out. Well I’m being a very sneaking caregiver today. I spoke to the woman Mansel was in love with since he was twelve years old. (The reason I know this is she told me today). Well since Mansel has good days and bad days today was a bad one for him he slept all day and hopefully will sleep all night.

Well back to being sneaky Norma is coming over tomorrow to see Mansel I just hope the other friend does not tell him that they are coming.

I feel he needs to have friends to visit so he can calm down and relax better. I will for sure talk about the outcome tomorrow.

He does not want to see her or talk to her so I really do not know what is going to happen because he’s on the phone with the other friend and he is saying he does not want to see the one he was in love with for so many years.

He is a very weird guy. I’m listening to him on the phone and he is a very stupid and stubborn man. When you lose a loved one no one ever puts the past in front of that. They come and try and comfort the person who is mourning but I guess he’s holding a grudge for no reason at all.

It’s crazy how people think and react. How can someone not understand that someone that never knew you where around and the only reason they where nice to you was because your sister was there best friend. He needs to understand that and not be an asshole to her if she comes tomorrow. Because if he does I will have to become the number one BITCH in this house.

I’ll be back tomorrow so til then good night and have a very Merry Christmas

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