Old friends visit  

yuca635 64M/57F  
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12/21/2021 12:45 pm
Old friends visit

Did not go as planned so I had to act like a bitch so he can change his ways. His friend showed up trying to make amends with him but he was stubborn and ask her to leave. I was sitting in the living room listening to every word that was being said and I’m sorry I’m on her side. He’s like most men thinking of themselves. I almost wrote all men but I know quit a few men that are loving and caring so I had to change it to most men.

Most men think with dick and of Mansel. Just because she is trying to end one mean part does not mean the whole relationship has to go down the drain. Men like to the woman up after they get a couple of beers in them and us sluts and other names for that matter just because they can’t get there dicks wet. We would appreciate you men out there to look deep inside the words and not jump the thinking we do not want anything to do with you. We need you men in our lives for many things other then fucking. I understand you men think you can’t gIve in or you will be called a pussy by others but let me tell you this you get more when you try harder to make things work. If we are not the right fit you will surely know that.

Well I guess me acting the bitch made him open his eyes because he is letting her come back tomorrow. I told him if it’s not for me then who would be here taking care of him especially when his own sister does not care if he lives or dies. He’s lucky a complete stranger is watching over him and his interest. He made a comment that he wanted to go back to valley so I walked out of the house and acted like I left making my husband go in and talk to him. Making him see that I am the one losing sleep and other things because I am caring for him and trying to make him get better instead of letting the hospice people letting him just die and not give a shit about what he wants and the dreams he wants to fulfill.

I know it does not work out right but hopefully he saw something today and he changes the way he thinks. I’ll be back on tomorrow to see how round two plays out with an old flame that has never went completely out. And new friendships that are happening when people show a little kind heart and caring for a complete stranger and just want this world to be a better place.

I believe I am something good in peoples life not anything bad. If we have a chance to get together it is from the man in the sky that is making it a special thing.

Just enjoy what you have and please never take anyone for granted life is to short to not give anything or anyone a try…..

NJGUY08090 55M
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12/21/2021 6:21 pm

Hope tomorrow goes better than today .. Keep working at it.

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