yuca635 64M/57F  
24 posts
1/18/2022 7:16 am

Tonight Mansel passed away at midnight. He should not of died yet. But nurses where yelling at him to stop being stubborn and to let me clean him up when they where not around, but he would always say to me you do not get paid to clean my ass and they do.
I understand I was not getting paid to be his caregiver but I was staying with him to keep him inside his home and not a facility.

I will surely miss this man that became part of my family. I just hope and pray he got everything he always was looking for. He wanted to have a so badly but his wife never gave him one, so when he meet me he got more then a he got an entire family. My grandson and Mansel became friends instantly and was always asking can I go to Mansels house because he felt safe here and Mansel loved hearing them play in the house. Mansel said the house came alive when the boys where over.

God brought me to Mansel because he knew we where a perfect fit.

Rest in Peace’ Mansel I will miss you dearly….

NJGUY08090 55M
4307 posts
1/18/2022 7:18 pm

So sorry to hear this sad news. I hope you find peace in knowing you were able to help for the time you were there for him

jajo696 67F
4287 posts
1/19/2022 3:14 am

Grieving is such hard work, i wish you peace, support and calmness of spirit in your journey. My condolences ~

JefAdri 59M/46F  
2 posts
1/20/2022 2:54 pm

Condolences for your loss. Take peace in knowing you were there during his time of need.

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