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12/26/2021 3:52 pm

Well the day is long and just waiting for one of many secret lovers I come and show me what I been missing for a long while. So horny for another man’s touch can’t get the feeling out of my head.

Well I’m laying in my bedroom just thinking what is going to happen today when I get a from my secret lover. When are you going get away my door is opened for you come in and get everything you want. First you will my cock and when you finish me off I a couple of other men that want take you as well.

Finished with my lover and then he brings in another handsome man that has 8 inches for me . Sucked on his cock til he grabs me up and bends me over sticking that hard thick cock inside my wet juicy pussy and while he is pounding away another gentlemen walks in and puts his cock in my mouth taking every inch he has offer. Both gentlemen taking turns with me pounding away and all of a sudden I get finally feel two men inside me. Never knew would feel this good. While they are fucking me like never before a third gentlemen shows up and his cock is inserted into my mouth until he is nice and hard and then they all swap places. Each of them having way with me and me of course enjoying all the attention these men are giving me.

This is the best day anyone would ever for me. Enjoying these men and giving them all they want. Just having an amazing time with them all and knowing this can happen whenever I would like it happen.

The problem I is that I do all this on my own because husband can not find in himself share with other men but share me with women. He does not know that if he shared it would be better for everyone.

If I ever ask for someone enjoy themselves with me I surely hope no one turns down a horny housewife….

This was written for someone I enjoy chatting with and getting know here on Heated Affairs.

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