Caregiving continues  

yuca635 64M/57F  
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12/18/2021 3:49 pm
Caregiving continues

Today was not so stressful. Since I bitched at him about him constantly complaining he can’t breath. I told him he needed to relax and think of a place that he really likes to be at. I have found out he blames his older sister him having stay in San Bernardino, California. Well this is what I found out so far is he had give up his life in the desert come back down and take care of his mother whom has passed away in 20. He has the chance after she passed go back the desert but he could not get back on his feet do so. He has this beautiful three bedroom house with plenty of yard. He has all his mothers and fathers belongings still which is a lot. He was married but I guess it did not work out and she never wanted have . So other words they where wrong one another not everyone is lucky. Well back the story. He is holding a big grung on his sister because she got married and moved to South Carolina and started a better life herself and could not see herself coming back California take care of her mother so he had take care of there mother. So learning and going through this big house I’m learning a lot. I found out that a couple of women in his life had stopped being friends with him because he wanted to be the dominated one to them and they could not handle that life with him. Well I see he likes a lot of porn and bdsm( finding a lot of his toys). I found some books on dominate and sub training books already started reading them( maybe one day I’ll find the right man that). We’ll be asking a lot of questions and I do these questions in front of husband so he can learn also. Your never explore I found that out. Well most of the time I sit with him he gets into his life on how it was and how he wishes it could have been if he never came home.

If your ever bored he can talk your ears off with his life.

Well today we had one nurse come and I think he really likes her because he likes Asian woman and the other thing is he got her to touch his cock today. Never did it go up and get hard but I think he would really need some kind of sexual pleasure. I feel if he got that he might not even be a bad guy most of the time.

He likes it when I walk around the house in my night shirt that sometimes goes up and show my ass. Maybe one day I will walk into his room with one of my new nighties I bought to look sexy my husband and see if he reacts it. He’s not my type so do not worry I’ll be a good on that. Just want wake him up. Anyways I think he likes my husband. Even though my husband is unaware of that.

I really got off the subject this time didn’t I……

NJGUY08090 55M  
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12/19/2021 8:59 am

Yeah you got off subject but you may need to get it out before you go back to yourself. I know I'd enjoy seeing you walk around in your nightie or even photos

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