yuca635 64M/57F  
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12/16/2021 6:06 pm

My play life is on hold because of caregiving to a 68 year old man. He’s not that old but is like a 90 year old right now. I have to sneak between breathing treatment to take care of our own needs, but sometimes it’s hard because right when it starts feeling so good we hear on the monitor ( Wendy I can’t breath), him probably knowing I’m in the room getting fucked instead of sitting in the chair watching tv with him. It’s funny how it happened for us to be this persons caregiver.

Well this is how it happened: I bought his 64 Comet that he sold to another older gentlemen and that man told me to call him up because he had a lot of spare parts for the car. So I called him and ended up picking him up and driving to Lucerne Valley for the extra parts and from there on we saw he needed help to clean his yard. So this is how I ended up being a caregiver. Whenever I would think of him he would call me and one day I was thinking of him he never called and then six weeks later he called me up and told me he was in the hospital, so I told him I would come the next day and check on him. So the next day came and we came into his house and all of a sudden we saw a house that was a horters house no where to walk through. He asked if I could make his bed so I said ok (waterbed). After that he wanted us to come everyday and help him clean his house and let nurses into his house so we did.

After three months of this he asked if we can move in and take care of him. By this time the so called nurse that was coming and seeing him was not even a nurse and was stealing from him right under his nose. And this nurse started threatening him to throw him into a home because he lived alone. So from that day we have been here taking care of him and starting to live again without around.

This is how I convinced husband to live again and let’s start meeting people so we can do what we like the most. Never realized he is still not ready to share me but it’s ok to share him with other woman. He finally gave me a couple which I want more and he still won’t do it for me.

I want to experience a DP and foursomes and more but I do not know how to convince him to let go and have fun.

If anyone has any ideas on this matter feel free to leave comments so I can try them. Til next time I think of something else……

NJGUY08090 55M
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12/17/2021 6:40 pm

You just have to keep the communication going on between the two of you. Make sure you are strong and clear about what you want, need and desire.

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