2nd time around  

yuca635 64M/57F  
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12/22/2021 11:55 am
2nd time around

It went great. This time she brought another friend with her. I was listening the conversation and it figures he would bring the other lady why do you not get vaccinated? I understand why the woman does not get vaccinated because I really did not want get vaccinated but I had no choice because caring for this man they would not let in the hospital without it so I am fully vaccinated. Just because I total stranger I got vaccinated.(funny)…..

Since I bitched yesterday he slept the whole night and never called my name to 6 am. Sometimes you have to be mean to make people see how much they need you in there life. I guess I’m the lucky one that so many people need me in there life’s

I will come back when I have something good to share. So to all my friends out there at you later and let’s keep playing together and enjoying one another in every way possible…


NJGUY08090 55M
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12/22/2021 5:41 pm

So nice to see you all had a better day.

jenfun69 18F

12/23/2021 2:55 pm

if you and your buddies had walked in and Found Me dressed to be your Christmas toy how would you have abused me?

yuca635 64M/57F  
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12/23/2021 4:54 pm

You should come this way and I will show you personal. You would enjoy everything I guarantee that

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