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Today was a busy day #2
Posted:Dec 20, 2021 7:01 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2022 11:52 am

Well I said I would come back to let you know how the day turned out. Well I’m being a very sneaking caregiver today. I spoke to the woman Mansel was in love with since he was twelve years old. (The reason I know this is she told me today). Well since Mansel has good days and bad days today was a bad one for him he slept all day and hopefully will sleep all night.

Well back to being sneaky Norma is coming over tomorrow to see Mansel I just hope the other friend does not tell him that they are coming.

I feel he needs to have friends to visit so he can calm down and relax better. I will for sure talk about the outcome tomorrow.

He does not want to see her or talk to her so I really do not know what is going to happen because he’s on the phone with the other friend and he is saying he does not want to see the one he was in love with for so many years.

He is a very weird guy. I’m listening to him on the phone and he is a very stupid and stubborn man. When you lose a loved one no one ever puts the past in front of that. They come and try and comfort the person who is mourning but I guess he’s holding a grudge for no reason at all.

It’s crazy how people think and react. How can someone not understand that someone that never knew you where around and the only reason they where nice to you was because your sister was there best friend. He needs to understand that and not be an asshole to her if she comes tomorrow. Because if he does I will have to become the number one BITCH in this house.

I’ll be back tomorrow so til then good night and have a very Merry Christmas
Today was a busy morning
Posted:Dec 20, 2021 12:01 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2022 11:52 am

Today woke up at 2am to start hearing Wendy I need you. And when I got to him he says I have been calling you for 20 minutes. ( yeah right) in my head. He only called my name once and for him it’s 20 minutes. Wanting pain pills and since I’m up already might as well give breathing treatment. After all that I went back into bed and had to take care of Jose as well because he had woken him up so needed to make him tired again. Well was getting ready to fall asleep again and he starts calling me again. What is with this man? What is he afraid of? He does not want to be alone anymore so I need to find a way that he can have some friends come over and sit with him. I think I’m going to contact his old friend Norma and see if she can pop up to see what happens.

Tried to go Christmas shopping early this morning but he would not let me go til he got a glazed donut with milk.

Nurses will be coming to give him bath and wound care. I have a lot of questions for these nurses today.

I’ll come back later and tell you how the rest of the day has gone…..
Waiting for a day like this
Posted:Dec 19, 2021 8:40 am
Last Updated:Dec 20, 2021 11:50 am

I have been waiting for a day that I could finally get with someone that I was not able to be with because husband was afraid to share me with. But now I’m a so called hassle in the gentlemens words. I guess he will never know what a good time he has missed out on. Even though I was told how this person likes to be in control I still wanted to enjoy him. I guess sometimes my husband is right on these men but you never know til something like this comes up.

I still want what I can’t have but in time and with patience I will get everything I’ve always wanted. I know he’s not the only fish in the sea because I have more to choose from and I will get over this little and I mean little feeling I have for this gentlemen. If I wanted I know I have two other people I can call on but I was really looking forwarded on this one this morning it’s been a long wait for him but I guess it’s not meant to happen.

I doubt if it even bugs him but acting like you are right now you are still acting like my husband and you know who I’m saying this to.

Mean for me to say anyone acts like my husband but attitude is what I mean not anything else. So you do not need to say anything else to me I understand how controlling you would have been if we got together.
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Caregiving continues
Posted:Dec 18, 2021 3:49 pm
Last Updated:Dec 20, 2021 11:51 am

Today was not so stressful. Since I bitched at him about him constantly complaining he can’t breath. I told him he needed to relax and think of a place that he really likes to be at. I have found out he blames his older sister him having stay in San Bernardino, California. Well this is what I found out so far is he had give up his life in the desert come back down and take care of his mother whom has passed away in 20. He has the chance after she passed go back the desert but he could not get back on his feet do so. He has this beautiful three bedroom house with plenty of yard. He has all his mothers and fathers belongings still which is a lot. He was married but I guess it did not work out and she never wanted have . So other words they where wrong one another not everyone is lucky. Well back the story. He is holding a big grung on his sister because she got married and moved to South Carolina and started a better life herself and could not see herself coming back California take care of her mother so he had take care of there mother. So learning and going through this big house I’m learning a lot. I found out that a couple of women in his life had stopped being friends with him because he wanted to be the dominated one to them and they could not handle that life with him. Well I see he likes a lot of porn and bdsm( finding a lot of his toys). I found some books on dominate and sub training books already started reading them( maybe one day I’ll find the right man that). We’ll be asking a lot of questions and I do these questions in front of husband so he can learn also. Your never explore I found that out. Well most of the time I sit with him he gets into his life on how it was and how he wishes it could have been if he never came home.

If your ever bored he can talk your ears off with his life.

Well today we had one nurse come and I think he really likes her because he likes Asian woman and the other thing is he got her to touch his cock today. Never did it go up and get hard but I think he would really need some kind of sexual pleasure. I feel if he got that he might not even be a bad guy most of the time.

He likes it when I walk around the house in my night shirt that sometimes goes up and show my ass. Maybe one day I will walk into his room with one of my new nighties I bought to look sexy my husband and see if he reacts it. He’s not my type so do not worry I’ll be a good on that. Just want wake him up. Anyways I think he likes my husband. Even though my husband is unaware of that.

I really got off the subject this time didn’t I……
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Caregiving part 2
Posted:Dec 17, 2021 8:46 am
Last Updated:Dec 19, 2021 8:44 am

Yesterday was a very crazy day for us. He decided to have the days attention with screaming out can’t breath. I tried all day to the chores in the house but with no luck at all. He wanted to stay in the room with him all day and just watch this old house. Every time I would get up and go into the kitchen he would start to scream I can’t breath. I called the nurses to see if they can come check him they said it would be within 45 minutes. They had me turn up oxygen to 4 and see if it would help and give him a breathing treatment also plus the special medicine hiding in the frig for him morphine.

This man if knowing I have morphine will want it every three hours. When nurse finally came he was doing well but he kept complaining he could not breath. They prescribed a different medicine for him so I had to start that new regiment for him.

Well as the day went on he wanted to watch a movie with Jose so they watched Matrix. I sat and watched it for awhile and decided to go to my room and get on my tablet and see what was happening on Heated Affairs. I always like to unwind my night with Heated Affairs. Only way to relax. Well I guess Jose had enough of the movie and wanted to go to bed. So he slowly stood up and walked out of the room well Mansel felt him leaving and then the next thing he did is start to scream I can’t breath. To me it looks like he does not want to be alone for any amount of time. I gave him another dose of morphine to calm him down. Tried to go back into my bedroom to get some rest. That did not last long he kept screaming and screaming so I called the nurse agIain and she told me to go ahead and give another breathing treatment, so I did what was told of me. Well I tried again to go to bedroom and not even two hours passed and he started again. This time I was so exhausted that I talked shit to him telling him how lucky he was to have me here because at the hospital no one ever came to his cries. I told him that I was going to discuss with the nurses that he gets addicted to the meds so they have it on record. He then shut his mouth finally relaxed and went to sleep never calling my name til 6am asking for treatment.

We will see what today brings me and I will write about it later.

Thank you for being here for me to cry out.
Posted:Dec 16, 2021 6:06 pm
Last Updated:Dec 19, 2021 8:40 am

My play life is on hold because of caregiving to a 68 year old man. He’s not that old but is like a 90 year old right now. I have to sneak between breathing treatment to take care of our own needs, but sometimes it’s hard because right when it starts feeling so good we hear on the monitor ( Wendy I can’t breath), him probably knowing I’m in the room getting fucked instead of sitting in the chair watching tv with him. It’s funny how it happened for us to be this persons caregiver.

Well this is how it happened: I bought his 64 Comet that he sold to another older gentlemen and that man told me to call him up because he had a lot of spare parts for the car. So I called him and ended up picking him up and driving to Lucerne Valley for the extra parts and from there on we saw he needed help to clean his yard. So this is how I ended up being a caregiver. Whenever I would think of him he would call me and one day I was thinking of him he never called and then six weeks later he called me up and told me he was in the hospital, so I told him I would come the next day and check on him. So the next day came and we came into his house and all of a sudden we saw a house that was a horters house no where to walk through. He asked if I could make his bed so I said ok (waterbed). After that he wanted us to come everyday and help him clean his house and let nurses into his house so we did.

After three months of this he asked if we can move in and take care of him. By this time the so called nurse that was coming and seeing him was not even a nurse and was stealing from him right under his nose. And this nurse started threatening him to throw him into a home because he lived alone. So from that day we have been here taking care of him and starting to live again without around.

This is how I convinced husband to live again and let’s start meeting people so we can do what we like the most. Never realized he is still not ready to share me but it’s ok to share him with other woman. He finally gave me a couple which I want more and he still won’t do it for me.

I want to experience a DP and foursomes and more but I do not know how to convince him to let go and have fun.

If anyone has any ideas on this matter feel free to leave comments so I can try them. Til next time I think of something else……
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Blowing off Steam
Posted:Dec 10, 2021 4:23 pm
Last Updated:Dec 19, 2021 8:40 am

I really love meeting new people on here and learning what turns them on. Even if it is just chatting, exchanging photos or videos, or going to dinner and having a couple of drinks. I once told if I’m spending on you, you better give me a piece of ass. That is not always the case. People need to be comfortable with someone in order to share themselves in that way unless they are just seeing how many people they can fuck within a wee

I like to build an relationship with the person or persons because then you know your not just a mark on the bed pole. And I feel everyone meets for reasons or they have something wonderful to offer you.

I’m the one that wants this life style not my husband. I’m letting everyone know it’s me behind everything not my husband but I would really like him to be there with me and this enjoyable ride. I love to see my husband with other woman but he is in a state of mind that no other person will let them fuck him the way I let him fuck me. Any way he wants he gets it. Sorry others that’s jus the way I am. He finally gave me a chance to fuck another couple and I enjoyed it more than he did. My husband is like most men out there scared to suffocate his cock with a condom. Which for the last 33 years and more he has never used one. And he says he won’t start now. Sorry for the other woman that night but he did like going down on her and enjoying a new taste. Me on the other hand does not worry about that part much and if the person wants to use one or not as long as your clean and safe any which way I’m fine with it. I really enjoyed myself that night. I enjoyed it and hoping the next time is even better.
Posted:Nov 30, 2021 7:56 pm
Last Updated:Dec 10, 2021 3:55 pm

What is this life we are trying live? Want friends that we can hang out with and enjoy a friendship with that is not stressful at all. And on occasions some adult pleasure with.

Sitting in the den watching tv the conversation comes up from husband like always: is it normal do things with other couples, is the life we are living even normal. Do normal couples enjoy having with your friends wife or why do you want another man you. I never know what my answer should be. I do not know if I should tell him I feel bored having the way over and over. I want enjoy another cock because I feel I need a bigger than what he has. ’s just so hard when we come from very different cultures.

If anyone can give me a good answer tell him please me up.
Thanks for listening or should I say reading what goes on daily
The Sex Den
Posted:Nov 29, 2021 11:30 pm
Last Updated:Dec 19, 2021 8:43 am

Cleaning up an elderly man’s house and making it a home. A lot of work to turn the living room back into a living room instead of having it looks like a horrders living room with boxes in the entire room where no where to walk.
Put most chairs in the den and decided to sit down and find something to watch on his tv. Started searching the channels and found the porn hub so started to check it out to see what the elderly man is into. Whenever he was home he would say to shut the curtains so the neighbors couldn’t see him watching porn. I really thought he was kidding around til I found the channel a couple weeks after I had to take him to the hospital. So back to the den we go. Three little sofas in there and one is perfect to bend over and get fucked on without her being able to get away. Beautiful ass in the air can’t help but wanting to fuck it all the time. Sticky pussy easy to slide your cock into it, her pussy sucking my cock like nothing no other woman can do. It’s really hard to find a pussy like this. Hot wet and very juicy just never want to stop but her asshole is calling me to enter her feels so tight and just wanting me to put my cock inside her tight ass.

I call the Den my sex room five six seven times a day will sit in that room watch porn and get to fuck the hell out of my wife’s sexy ass pussy with that big luscious clit. Can’t wait til I get used of sharing and give her what she really wants. DP is what she wants and one day I’m planning to give her what she wants…….
Quality Pussy
Posted:Nov 29, 2021 2:13 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2022 11:52 am

This time I need comments PLEASE

I would like to know what men out there meaning of quality pussy?

What is quality pussy? Tight, wet, sticky, knows how to control the cock
Please inform me what you look for in a quality pussy because someone once told me that in order to share they had to have something for them as well and he brought up his wife had a quality pussy. I never had her pussy but I know that you need to have a pussy that all men want and no matter how you have to fuck it with rubber or without that your cock will not limp if you have a quality pussy.

So please tell me what is quality pussy and if you have a quality pussy send me a pic of that quality pussy.

Do you need piercing ti have a quality pussy?

Please help me learn what quality pussy is.
People in general
Posted:Nov 29, 2021 7:50 am
Last Updated:Dec 19, 2021 8:43 am

People like to look at others profile to see what kind of pics they use, what kind of introduction they make and try to find away to make themselves stand out to get others attention.

I like it if someone keeps at the profile so much to write to them to see if they see anything interesting and try to break the ice. A lot of people have problems getting enough courage to make the first move. I’m writing the blogs hoping someone finally makes a comment on one of them or even all of them.

We are all here wanting to have adult friend ships and with some of them that special connection with. We know not everyone is going to be good for us but it never hurts to try and see what can happen.

I’m meeting a lot of interesting people on here but in my situation I can’t have them because of my husband but if I single I would be the happiest woman out there. You single woman are the lucky ones in my book right now with no strings no worries and a lot of handsome ass men…

Woman do not be afraid to let your wings spread.
Men do not stop trying because one day a surprise might happen.

They say good things take awhile maybe even years but if you keep at it your learning the person more and more everyday. And in the long run the one that keeps trying is always the one that wins at the end.

It took my husband over a year to get me to finally give him my number and look now he can’t get enough of it to this day so all good things do take time and it’s worth the long ride because you can be open to everything.

It has taken my husband since I started on Heated Affairs back in 2003 and I finally given the chance to have a couple work out. I know I’m going to lose one person because of it, but I hope he finds it in his heart to give me the chance to show him if he waits he’ll have his turn.

Bye for now til I get something in my head again to share…
Love all of you out there…….
Can’t judge a book by its cover
Posted:Nov 28, 2021 8:41 am
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2022 11:52 am

You ever here the saying: YOU CANT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.
Well that is this couple. We had our very first couple last night and it was a very big eye open to this lifestyle. I loved the experience we had last night. I being the wife of the couple learned that husband was not lying on how good his wife is. Never had a man say he could not believe I was that good. I kind feel bad because I enjoyed the attention last night and all the attention afterward. And the reason of this feeling is we do not use condoms unless really have to but for hubby that was a big problem. Never in his life has he used a condom so the minute they tried to put one on his cock decided he’ll no I’m not wearing that so all he got was to have a feast with her pussy and finger her. Don’t worry I took very good care of his cock from 10 o’clock at night til and I mean still this morning taking care of him. Lost count of him coming but we are about to go again.

It will be awhile til we play again but this time we will really screen the males on here a little better and not let the wants to take over like this time. Do not get me wrong I enjoyed the couple we had and we will be playing again.
Husband wants to choose the couple this time and he wants to help find the right couple to play out his next move.(woman with clits are his candidates and men with a bigger cock then husband will do).

If you find our profile interesting just send a message but I will tell you right now if your single men we will not respond this time around until husband says that it’s your turn to have a go to see if you can satisfy his wife the way he does.

Hope you enjoyed this……..
Can’t Have
Posted:Nov 24, 2021 6:42 pm
Last Updated:Jul 3, 2022 11:52 am

It’s my birthday and I can’t have the cock I want. It’s hard to find couples that want to play without wanting something more on the sides. And when you find the right one someone always has to fuck it up for you….

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