a first for me  

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1/4/2022 11:04 pm
a first for me

last week I was at a friends house.. a couple, a trans and a girl.... anyway we have been friends for years now. In the past they told me about neighbors wanting to have a sex party with them but they turned it down.. they both are about 25 years younger and attractive. We smoke dabs, listen to some<b> music </font></b>in the background lights low and good conversation. They both have always been comfortable around me so seeing up skirt or walking around with no bras wasn't uncommon. Auri the trans girl is about 5'8, 135lbs and i'm guessing a 34 a cup. Jill is about 5'2, maybe 100 lbs and a 34.b...so back to my interesting night.... I was there most of they day helping out with house stuff, in return was them grilling some good food. I stayed till about 7 pm and figured it was time to leave. It was a hot day here in south florida and I wanted to shower and chill. They suggested that stay and hang with them and that I shower there and Jill assured me she could find me something to wear. Auri chimed in with, the dabs are on us, you really helped us out. I accepted and did. As promised there were a pair of shorts a tee and a pair of girls boy panties. I laughed at the panties but put them on ..as a joke .. and got dressed then went out into the den. Auri was drinking a glass of wine and mentioned that Jill was getting cleaned up. We smoked a couple of dabs and talked.. nothing out of the ordinary ... Jill comes out wearing a lightly printed sheer beach top, no bra and sheer black panties.. This was a first for me and I was shocked, that she came out like this but is is their home and it was hot.. Auri jumps up and said my turn and left. Jill poured a glass of wine and sat down. Thanked me again for the help as we admired out work . it wasn't long before Auri came out just as I was wondering what she was going to be wearing. She had on a tight tank ho bra and a pair of cut off sweat pants.
It wasn't long before we starting doing dabs and then the question from Auri. Are you wearing the panties? My replay was yes with a shameful smile. They both laughed and Jill said , I had a feeling that you would then proceeded to explain that they wanted me to watch them while the enjoyed each other teasing and pleasing each other, they wanted someone watching them. I agreed. I watched as they kissed and caressed each other and feed off of each others reactions....the bed room was the next move as was just off the den. They climbed onto their extra king bed and undressed each other. They both were hot.. Auri looked like a little girl with her tiny tits but her nipples were very hard and long... Her clit was about 3in long standing straight up and tiny balls all shaved. Jill nipples were just as hard and long and her pussy is shaved and meaty.... I was hard with my shorts off rubbing my cock through the panties I was wearing. when they both noticed me Auri ask If I would show my cock, so I took off the panties and sat back on the chair.... Jill ask if I would sit on the bed with them so I did. My cock is standing straight up and when I got on the bed I started stroking it slowly. Jill ask If I was turned on, very I answered. ... Auri suggested another dab as Jill ask If I was ever in a threesome, yes I answered and she said. So .....I explained that my ex and I years ago were in Canada for the night so we went to a club. My ex said she always wanted to be with a girl and I think thats what she wanted... a girl to hit on her. And one did .and the rest... then I told them about my distant cuz gay male and sister they thought it was hot and Jill then said that Auri always wanted to suck a cock .... I smiled the ask Jill what about you? She smiled and said I want to watch Auri suck a cock while I get my pussy sucked on... Total silence except for the faint sound of<b> music </font></b>and our heavy breathing. Each of us with our hand between our legs while Auri and Jill are pulling on their nipples.. Jill then pilled some pillows and laid back legs spred with wet meaty lips. I crawled across the bed and began to taste her wetness. I felt Auri's hand touch my cock then her mouth covered it as she slowly licked and sucked on it. I could feel Jill's pussy getting wetter as she encouraged Auri sucking me and telling me how good I was sucking her pussy... She came in my mouth in no time and Auri said She wanted to cum too.. SO Jilll slid over and started sucking her three in clit...Auri pulled out a thin dildo vibrator and started rimming hie ass with it. Jill licked his ass and slid in the dildo and went back to sucking her. I'm stroking my cock, Auri is watching me and Jill looks over and ask, Would you slide your cock in my pussy/ I did and let her ride it as she wanted. I just knelt behind her and enjoyed. while playing with her ass Auri Kept watching and saying how good it felt. I told her that I wanted to feel a vibrator againgst my cock.and balls while I stroke it...Jill said After Auri cums I'll hold it against my clit while you fuck me.. Auri exploded in Jil's mouth and she turned sat up and kissed me. Sharing Auris cum with me.. I moaned with pleasure. Auri Suggested catching our breath and doing a few more dabs. we did along with a few sips of wine.. My cock got a bit soft and Auri's clit was tisoft so Jill came over and started sucking my cock. Auri's clit grew as my cock grew in Jill's mouth We did get back in bed. I did Fuck Jill and felt the vibrator against my cock and balls..Auri wanted me to suck her hard nipples and her tiny tits. I did as she moaned with pleasure I felt her finger that was covered with her precum slide into my ass. Jill"s pussy was soaked Auri's clit was hard and she was pulling it.. Jill told me the she wanted me to cum in her mouth. I did and she shared it with Auri..Jess rode my face while Auri sat on top of my rubbing her ass and tiny balls across my cock.. She got it hard and and ask if she could sit on it, I reached down and squeezed my cock and rubbed the precum over the mushroom shaped head of my cock.. I heard a drawer open and close then felt a warm jell being smoothed over my shaft. Jill stopped and said suck on my meaty lips and clit.. I did while Auri slid her ass on my cock. As it slide it I could hear her cry with pleasure and pain. Her ass was a tight fit but she did take all of my cock as Auri rode my cock slowly Jill ask my to fuck her ass with my finger while I sucked on her.... it wasn't long before she covered my face with her cum and Auri begged me to cum in her ass and as soon as she ask I exploded... It was a good night.

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1/5/2022 2:32 am

good story !

dell9600 65M  
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1/5/2022 6:56 am

sounds like everyone had a great time!

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