My first extramarital "Fellatio".  

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2/11/2021 4:33 pm
My first extramarital "Fellatio".

Hello, well I would like first apologize because English is not my language, my husband and the online translator are the ones who helped with the , so the responsibility is theirs.

That said, I start with the story: I like and enjoy sucking a penis a lot, if it sounds a bit vulgar and rude, it is also not the conversation you would have at a family dinner or with friends, but it is the truth, I really love it perform the "fellatio" to a man that attracts . I like that the penises are clean, thick and hard, feel the taste and how the meat is swelling and growing filling my mouth, thanks my oral stimuli, lick the entire trunk and suck the balls. Sure, as long as the lucky gentleman has his "package" clean and shaved, I am not like cats and it is really annoying have the sensation of a pubic hair stuck in the throat, if I am going have something in my throat I hope it is a lump of warm meat and not a shaggy hair.

When I was a my mother told me once that I had very full lips and that men liked that. (Thanks mom, I didn't understand what you meant back then, now I know!). For his part, my husband says I'm a natural sucker and I think it's true, I can have a good time sucking until my mouth gets tired or I get the mil That if, although I pleasantly enjoy sucking, I do not like the consistency or the taste of semen, (it seems similar that of the yolk of an egg) or that they force suck, (the latter maybe only if we are playing kinky yes I have, but yes, aware that it is part of an erotic game). Also, my husband has always been a gentleman and if I am sucking him he always tells me when he is going cum (then I experienced that not all men have that kindness and attention). If I have allowed them cum on my face, even on a few occasions they will do it in my mouth if they warn , this so as not swallow them and be able spit them, the truth is that I do not like that they cum in my throat, no matter how much the porn wants teach that girls like that, the truth is that there are some women like me who are intolerant to "lactose".

On the contrary, it turns me on a lot and it excites me to see how a man spills and much more when I feel him spilling inside my vagina. Although to tell the truth I have not sucked many penises. To date, only five men (apart from my husband) since I was married.

Today I want to tell about the first time that I had oral sex with another man outside of my marriage. It all happened a few ago, my husband had already insisted invite another man share our bed. be honest, at first I was not attracted this type of sexual activity, (custom and morality a very strong weight in sexual life) but hey, little by little and at the insistence of my husband for several I was opening a little that other world. Of course, if I was going screw someone else, it would be with someone I liked, not with my husband's friends that he suggested.

My third-in-bed prospect was a former colleague from a job. Just when I started dating my husband, there were several men and women who wanted me. The aforementioned was one of them, but unlike my other suitors, he wrote me beautiful things, not corny poems, but more erotic in nature. He belongs to the artistic community, and has developed several facets in music and literature of certain success, so he was not a neophyte in writing. We maintained contact as acquaintances on social networks for several , simply greetings and small comments, which escalated a flirtation as we saw him as our third in bed.

I was on a date with him in a cafe, being the first date I would go alone and see the possibility of raising the threesome proposal. My husband would stay home looking after the . He helped me choose the clothes, black lace lingerie, dress, stockings and heels of the same color. Although I thought nothing was going to happen, I wanted to look seductive and sensual. It is something I like when we are going to do "mischief" with someone else, be the center of attention, flirt and let them seduce me. As it was the winter season, I wore thick and full stockings, not garters that I like to wear more for those occasions along with some set of gothic clothes to go out to dance.

I kissed my husband goodbye and he reminded me to be on the phone and that if I moved from place I would let him know, either by calling him or sending a message, finally, he told me that he loved me and to take care of me, and He joked that since it was the first date I wasn't going to sucking the dick of my old friend. "Not even a little bit?" I asked with a mischievous loo My husband just smiled.

I arrived a little late and bothered the cafe, because my husband did not put gas in the car and then there was traffic, the tardiness bothered , so I made calls, the first my friend notify him of my delay -he kindly said that there was no problem- and the second my husband complain that he had not prepared the car and that is why I would be a little late for my appointment.

Already in the cafe, I was somewhat nervous because the tables were very close together and the other diners could hear our conversation that went from frivolity to things and more of a sexual nature. He told me that he wanted to have sex with me, but that I was married and he believed in karma, anyway he asked if I wanted to be his "intellectual" lover (the truth when he mentioned that I laughed inside, the guy is good vibes, but sometimes he is arrogant and egotistical) I told him that we would like to have a "menage a trois", he said that he had already experienced one and that sharing a woman was not his thing. He asked me about my husband's opinion of us dating, I told him that my husband knew everything and that there was no problem because I told him everything.

Anyway, the conversation continued until the cafe closed at at night. He asked if I wanted continue the evening in his apartment that was nearby, which I answered yes, since he didn't have a car, we went in mine. I told my husband that I would go with my friend to his apartment and that I would send him a message or dial him to tell him when he was going to return home. He told me to take care of myself and have fun.

My friend's apartment was nearby, in one of the areas with the highest capital gains in the city. It had floors, the first was the garage and the second was a terrace, as it lacked curtains, the neighbors could see what was happening in the main room, it was somewhat austere and he told me that he hardly had much to rent. He offered me a glass of wine and we went into the bedroom. There was a heater, the lights were on, on a little cabinet next to the bed there was a packet of condoms and a pipe with weed, my friend put on music, I lay face down on the bed and took off my shoes. No doubt my friend had prepared a cozy atmosphere.

We continue talking about his work projects, I was selecting the music when he put a hand on my buttocks and began to caress them, I turned to see him and I smiled approving what he had just done, I let him continue touching and squeezing my butt while we talked. After a while I turned around and he got on top of me and we started kissing. The truth does not connect with him kisses, it would be because I expected to feel more emotion, or that her lips were very thin and I like thick lips, in any case, we continue to recognize our bodies caressing us with our hands.

He began to kiss me and also nibble my neck while he was descending towards my bust, -the truth is that excites me a lot- while I was rubbing the "package" that I had in the crotch, he was lowering my dress somewhat and he managed to free one of my breasts of the bra taking the nipple to his mouth starting to suck and nibble a little, while with the other hand he squeezed my breast that was still inside the bra, so we were recognizing our bodies with caresses and kisses.

After a while we parted ways and talked again, he grabbed the pipe and started smoking weed, he offered me, but I declined. Minutes later I grabbed the pipe to start caressing him with it, I passed it over his pectorals, the music of a classic English psychedelic rock band from the 70s was heard, the music has always influenced my mood, and there are certain songs that they eroticize and disinhibit me and the one that sounded right at that moment, plus the whole atmosphere, had a seductive effect on my mood.

My friend took off his pants and his underwear, lying on the bed next to me, in front of me was a semi-erect, circumcised and thick cock, the size was average, it looked like my husband's dick, only that my friend was hairless in his intimate area or he was completely shaved, but what stood out were his testicles, they were large, like medium avocados, surely full of milk, (I remember that the word avocado in Nahuatl means precisely testicle) I brought my face closer to all that, it smelled good, my hand took hold of that delicious cock and I began to jerk it off, I felt like his warm flesh was swelling and growing, his glans between pink and purple looked very appetizing and I already wanted to try that cocoon, the trunk and those huge balls.

Without him asking I started to perform a good "fellatio", first I put the tip of my tongue right in the "meatus" of the head of his penis that had already had a drop of its transparent liquid, I no longer I could resist, the desire took hold of me, making my lips kiss the head of my friend's penis, placing them delicately on that sensitive skin, my tongue began to circle slowly around the glans and I began to listen as my friend began to emit small moans of pleasure.

I wanted to enjoy that great phallus that I had in front of me, so my lips and tongue were busy traveling that trunk from head to root. Oh! His eggs were so big that I couldn't put both of them in my mouth at the same time as I wanted, they just didn't fit together on my palate, so I'd better lick and kiss them, then take care of a single testicle, I licked it and I sucked with my mouth, at the same time that with my tongue I was spinning it inside my mouth, both my friend and I were enjoying it a lot, he in receiving pleasure and I in giving it, his balls were very nice indeed, although with the kisses that we had given each other did not connect with him, sucking on his testicles was totally different, I liked it and it was a pleasure to do so.

Then I took care of the other nut, at the same time that with my hand I lightly caressed his cock that was already hard, which I love, the hard cocks turn me on. I was licking my friend's perineum when my cell phone vibrated, it was surely a message from my husband, but I was not going to stop what I was doing to check it, equally if he had dialed me I would have ignored it, at that moment I just wanted to enjoy that juicy cock that I had in front of me in all its splendor; thick and dripping, I smiled at my friend while my mouth captured his exquisite dick, the one that was disappearing as I slid it through my mouth to my throat, my lips reached the root and collided with his pelvis, in that position I was able to draw a little bit the tip of my tongue to lick his balls while I felt his flesh tense in my throat and the throb of his veins that ran through his penis, I kept it to the bottom as much as I could until I felt that I was short of air, take it out of my mouth his cock was covered with foam and saliva, a thread of this mixture was attached from my mouth to his cock that throbbed with emotion, I was also excited, I continued dedicating myself to suck with great passion that phallus standing before me, as a pagan offering to the god Priapus.

The psychedelic chords of background music excited me and invited me to let myself go. I loved devouring all that cock, it smelled real good, with a pleasant, sweet taste, its warm flesh slid easily down my throat, at a continuous and intense rhythm, his hands gathered my hair and placed on my head to control the rhythm of the blowjob, I do not like being forced to suck, but his attitude was more of control and did not bother me, because we were both really enjoying the blowjob, he would shake and react with moans of pleasure every time he devoured him, His liquids mixed with my saliva dripped from the corner of my lips, I also moaned from time to time I swallowed that cock that tasted like glory and how well it attached to my mouth and throat, at some point I lost notion if I I was giving him oral sex or he was giving me a “face fuck”, the truth was, I didn't care, I was just there enjoying intensely the cock of another man who was not my husband.

He had his penis down to the bottom of my throat when he started to cum, it took me totally by surprise, although I felt his cock tighten more, and the veins of his phallus began to throb more, but since I am used to my husband He always tells me when he is going to cum, my friend's ejaculation caught me off guard, and without being able to deny myself I felt like a tide of semen flooded my throat, it looked like a tsunami of warm milk, my friend ran in jets of thick milk, I had to swallow half of his ejaculation, I felt like I was drowning, and he mercilessly pushed his cock towards me further to drive it deeper, (impossible thing because he already had it all inside) I felt his last stressors from his penis, when he achieved parting with him, my mouth was still full of the mixture of his sperm with my saliva and it began to leak out of my mouth, I tried to contain it with my hand so as not to stain the bed, but it was useless, I needed to take air with my mouth and at the open the mixture of its fertile nectar and my saliva spilled between the fingers of my hand staining my dress and the sheets of the bed. God! My friend had easily expelled about 7 or 8 times the amount of semen that my husband is used to spilling, although I really don't know, because I felt like I had swallowed half of his cum.

Still with the semen dripping from my mouth and lips, I told him that my husband always warned me when he was about to cum, to which he simply smiled maliciously and shrugged as if to make me understand that I had not been sucking my husband dick, I leaned back on his lap, next to that coc I don't know whether define if I do a fellatio or if he just fucked hard my mouth.

We were resting and talking for a while, I came think that later maybe we going fuck, but no happen. So I took the cell phone and texted my husband that I was about to return. I said goodbye to my friend, something strange, because he asked if I could take him to his parents who lived nearby. I agreed, he got dressed and I adjusted my dress as best I could, which had a large semen stain on one side. I left my friend in him parents’ house, saying goodbye with a kiss.

When I got home, I was greeted by my husband who was awake and anxious for me to tell him what had happened, I kiss him. He asked me -Did you suck his cock? - I just smiled nervously and continued kissing him, even with the taste of another man on my lips, and I started to go down, already intending to suck another cock that night, unzipped his fly and there I was there, the dick that I had sucked for 15 and I started eating it, but that night I wanted something more than more than cock in my mouth and we started having sex, my husband was nailing me until I cum twice, I ended up falling asleep in the arms of my loving husband. He and I do not agree when I told him what I had done with my friend's penis, I say it was the next morning and he says it took me days tell him what I did in the apartment with my friend.

About the guy, he truth is that he did not have much sexual<b> education </font></b>(that is, he did not say thank you after having sex). Nor did he send me a message see if I had gotten home safely, nor a thank you for the evening. Then we ran into them a couple of times at cultural events, we talked between the of us, the most normal thing, my husband just knew everything that had happened that night.

I don´t talk him so much anymore, first He leave the city, and we only say hello sometime on social media networ Actually, I don't know why we didn't end up fucking that night. Anyway, that was my first experience with another man who was not my husband, about a year later it was when we made our first Menage a Trois with a man we met in a bar, but that's another story.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, it is true. Note the photos that accompany the are not from that occasion because he did not take photos, but they are ours.

Greetings and we await your comments

SlowHandOil 61M

2/11/2021 9:08 pm

Dear vixentjstag,
Thank you for sharing your vivid and detailed encounter with your first extramarital cock.
You had me aroused and hard while I read your experience, it was almost as though I was in the room watching you in action. I too cannot understand why the friend did not give you the pleasure of sucking and fucking you - I certainly would have been eager to pleasure you.
Your first-person narrative was exciting to read, and I am glad that the experience added some extra spice to the later fun you enjoyed with your husband.
Looking forward to reading your first ménage à trois and more.
Love your writings, keep 'em coming

vixentjstag replies on 2/12/2021 4:31 pm:
Dear Slowhandoild, thanks for taking your time to read our story and for your kind comment. It's good too know that you liked it and that it was "stimulating" for you. We hope soon to be able to tell more about our sexy "spicy" life

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