Foreplay before sex play.  

utfrangrl 48F
29365 posts
1/14/2020 7:02 am
Foreplay before sex play.

Having some fun doing foreplay on the bed before having sex play. This is a fun way heighten the sexual experience. What do you say?

Paulxx001 65M  
22616 posts
1/14/2020 7:22 am

Hot 🔥 💦 😊 🔥 🍌

sktrt1 53M
38 posts
1/14/2020 7:29 am

That looks like the perfect way to do it.

DallasMaverick00 41M  
28 posts
1/14/2020 7:30 am


sensualmaninmn 60M  
519 posts
1/14/2020 7:38 am

Foreplay comes in all styles, but either way it is a must. The more I am kept aroused, the harder I will cum in the end.

andifisayyes 61M
182 posts
1/14/2020 7:38 am

Foreplay is just as good and just as much fun as actual sex, sometimes even better because that is something that actually can go on all night.

redmustang91 62M
9760 posts
1/14/2020 7:46 am

Foreplay is all that happens before intercourse. A lot happens intercourse....

rdswm 33M

1/14/2020 7:50 am

Absolutely agree, foreplay is a necessity

JD9812 40M

1/14/2020 7:52 am

Defintely foreplay. Makes things more intense

olddude1963 58M
21 posts
1/14/2020 7:53 am

foreplay is a must

lookn41forfun 54M

1/14/2020 8:00 am

foreplay heightens the senses so yes

Jsnow49 96M

1/14/2020 8:10 am

Absolutely agree

Leegs2012 49M  
96135 posts
1/14/2020 8:20 am

Foreplay is the best!!

Craig6244 57M
17 posts
1/15/2020 2:23 pm

Absolutely need the foreplay. I am a strong proponent of extensive foreplay.

RicksterReturns 53M

2/2/2020 6:00 am

Foreplay is a must. I have a rule that my partner must cum before she can do anything to me.

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