Was My "Curiosity" Actually Bait For My "Self", part 3  

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1/8/2022 2:38 am
Was My "Curiosity" Actually Bait For My "Self", part 3

Now, perhaps, to get into the spirit of all this ... my "solicited" expose of my clandestine, (perhaps budding), tryst in Chicago ... and, to perhaps, but not publicly, just admit ... to wetting my naughty thoughts ... my appetite to be sure when re-reading this, reminding me of my "self" ... if not eventually truly reaching fruition ... then before the "... and living happily ever after", I must confess, only my wishful thinking? impossible! It would not be "human nature" and ... not much to do with me though either, not my relative worth in much beyond habitual superficial observation ... and I know this, and, I love being as shallow in this respect, so, how could I not enjoy it?.

And, I do defer to my rather only slightly humble declaration above, not because of harboring much doubt as my bias, just more feeling confident than uncertain ... like wearing more than a smile, thanks to "clinging transparency" plus omissions strategically here and there and my "self" wrapped in what there of it ... " tailored to offer most everything, perhaps almost an unspoken invitation... flavored with a sorta tease towards a predisposition of a desire towards compliance, and not at the local grocery or church social, etc. No, not at all where social conventions might well allow me a sorta "debt unpaid". No, not just for a cheap titillation ... thrill and rush for my ego ... no this would be where "the hunt", the stalking and pursuit ... while still might flatter ... but also be rewarded ... you know, with access to perhaps at some comfort and privacy ... or some comfort with only those in the game or, some comfort ...

For example, attending a special private<b> party </font></b>and walking past, purposely walking past and my almost negotiating my way, and almost retaining my grace, but purposely interrupting with my body ... and picking no favorite ... precisely between two men and almost without a brushing of one male talking with another and ... my confirming my potential "availability", no, "vulnerability", with my smile and a whispered, "... excuse me", punctuated with a deferred, almost submissive, downward glance, and then ... continuing on my way ..... and, of course, confident that one, or both of them have then interrupted their probably "civilized", empty, "party conversation" "assessment" like wolves sniffing that wisp of a scent ...

And, perhaps, since a Junior in HS, I have realized the irony with it all ... I can never look back, thus confirming myself as having a doubt ... a perceived doubt rather than confidence would spoil it ... for all of us. And yes, I know this has to do not with how relatively striking we might be ... that there is a high percentage it happens most of "us" because of "us" and because of "them" ... that this trite, but subtle flirt still interrupts whatever to arouse, to some degree, the deliciously carnal thoughts ... provocations involving the thrill of the hunt ... symbolic urges toward a common goal to and for both, the hunter, and, admittedly, myself, rather, my "self" ... the prey ... and by a unanimous vote by all ... naturally their prey ... since even a bit before a Junior in HS ... but that is another story ... and not a tease as not exceptional, except to me, or whomever, I guess.
...xox Kaycee.

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