It's Really Minnie's Fault, (a story by herself, but not here), part 2 of 2.  

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12/29/2021 11:49 pm
It's Really Minnie's Fault, (a story by herself, but not here), part 2 of 2.

Ok, so aside from "dinner", why the "intermission, Right? Well, the main reason that there personal stuff that Jackie might me to omit ... not sex stuff, just personal. So I wanted her to feel right about it or not, and she ok to post it, that it had merit to be said, even for us. Secondly, there seemed to be lots of words to "just say it". On the other hand, I have mentioned parts of the concept, from my perspective, before and for this situation, our relationship, Charlie and Charlie and my relationship and Jackie meeting Charlie ... it seemed relevant. And to "just say it" sorta forced me to comment on not only my perspective, but Jackie's also

... and then ... and now, how we each finally reached an agreement as to a general description for our relationship and also why we wanted, needed ... what we understood and condone ... masculine interest, and attention ... to be figuratively swept off our feet and carried kicking and squirming to his cave and summarily stripped, spread, held down, entered and inseminated ... and then released to rejoin the herd only to be stalked, pursued, captured and ... again. Or, something similar, but not much more civilized, or what would be the point, Right?

All of the above we finally talked out late that night we arrived and no, not a "steamy" discussion at all ... but pretty much a serious discussion that seemed to include a basic honesty between us ... and a workable solution between us ... and for each other ... and to the point that we sorta broached the possibility of sharing a man, or even double dating. Charlie and I did, lots, And Minnie Mouse not a concern to any of my dates ,,, as of course, we were with men ... men wanting girls "with something special" the common philosophy besides " ... not being understood" of course, expressed to explain whatever ... which their business ... and probably true also ... or Charlie and I would have had more time for each other ... and even maybe some time for each other about every other weekend ... but that is another story and perhaps not a topic to be discussed at the dinner table for the next few days ...

... and how about Charlie's wife? ... it is going to be an interesting Holiday Season indeed ... and I found out some stuff the next day, Xmas Eve ... and some of it, I'm still thinking about before posting here, "For Anyone & For Eternity"... But so very soon, I thought then, so much seems to be known about each of us by most of us ... probably much of all of it will be known by all of us by "the end of this year, '21. And with all Charlie knows about me ... he has not even heard of Minnie ... and she is definitely part of the essence of me. lol.

Too funny ... with all the personal stuff that Charlie knows about ... he has never met Minnie as "Minnie Mouse", or my relatively petite ... well what Jackie named when slipping down my panties for the first time ... I mean, once again, "... slipping down my panties". At the time of course, she already knew that I liked older men preferred shaving, my legs, etc, the magic of some makeup, cute outfits, etc ... my panties were just my item to slide down and off after pulling my jeans down to ... well, find and fondle my "penis" ... stickpussy, clit ... who, that day, according to Jackie would be known as "Minnie Mouse" lol ... all 2" my "stick pussy" sleeping in her soft, downy triangular nest ... the sum total of which Charlie and I decided we each had, considering everything ... instead of being Gay ... or so, among some additional other things, and Jackie, attention ... Charlie and I were Lesbians also ... and yes we could "scissors" which some men don't even know about and practically all men care less about ... except to watch it. Annnnnnnnd all of which you said ... and as you said you were/are ... and I know you like also... and it has nothing to do with men... who would have thought?

I may have some more time and all of New Years Eve, as it turns out, to commentary or post about our trip, etc. ... or ... wash my hair and or clothes ... no dates, party or ... hang over. We will see. And I know ... always better to include whatever within a missive of sorts, and both triumphs and failures also as the latter will only lend credence to those awesome experiences do sometimes occur if one remains true to one's "self" and puts themselves out there to risk to achieve. I know ... that sounds so corny, but I am too tired to put it another way and I believe it is true. So I am going to "lick the stamp" and mail this posting and ... put this laptop on the floor and go to sleep. And, I'll tell you where Jackie is tomorrow or so ...
...xox Kaycee.

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