unexpected sex  

tazcouple2021 60M/54F
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8/31/2021 4:51 pm
unexpected sex

let me just say car breaking down turned into great sex, while i was looking under the<b> hood </font></b>my wife was standing at back of car when a woman stop to see if we needed help well we went to her house to use the phone, after calls n calls got someone to come but it wouldn't b until morning.so kim offered some drinks n rolled a smoke well we took part an after i got high said i needed to shower to clean up bit, when i came out kim was baked eating my wifes pussy an i could tell she was enjoying it so i stripped an walked over my wife grabbed my cock n started sucking it i was good an hard when my wife cummed thats when kim an my wife switched places an kim took off sucking me hard n deep as i held one of her leds up for her my wife eating an fingering her ass. my wife got so hot she got up on kims face as kim pushed me down to her hot wet pussy after i eat her a bit i entered her riding her fast an hard right before i came my wife sucked me to a finish while she came for her third time . we all only rested for a few minutes when kim started eating my wifes pussy again, as i did her this went on till around three am ,im so thankful for the help of a stranger

spunkycumfun 61M/67F  
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9/12/2021 5:21 am

I wish my car breakdowns ended like this!

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