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1/7/2022 8:07 am
get a yoni massage

What Are The Benefits of Yoni Massage?

Many women have reported Yoni Massage supporting the mental healing process. There can be lots of negative emotions attached to our genitalia including shame and sexual trauma issues. Learning how to touch and be touched in your Yoni area can release many of these emotional connections and reprogram them into a positive, pleasurable feeling. Improves Sexual Relationships

Yoni Massage can help unlock your fear of intimacy and touch if that is what is holding you back. It can be fun and add excitement into your alone time with you partner or even improve trust and connection between you. Learning the pleasures of touch with another is a bonding experience that also supercharges your sexual confidence.

Releases Your Higher Energy

Yoni stimulatory techniques can help to achieve a greater connection with your mind, body and soul. It’s no surprise that Yoni<b> massage </font></b>is so closely linked to Tantra and the ancient methodology that goes along with it. By searching inside ourselves we can unlock our potential to connect on a much higher spiritual level with others.

Promotes More Intense Orgasms

Many women have reported an increase in the intensity of their orgasms after regular Yoni Massages. This is probably a result of a combination of the above mentioned factors. After all, we are all very aware that it is the mind that allows us to achieve orgasm and the level in which we experience it.

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1/7/2022 10:45 am

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