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Sweet Nineteen11/19/2021  9  
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COVID-19 and our sex lives9/27/2021  6  
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I need to be more sexual i have deprived myself and i am ready please help i am horny9/26/2021  0  
Hello from Yuma Az,9/23/2021  0  
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Life on Heated Affairs after Covid9/20/2021  1  
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Who's in the valley?8/24/2021  0  
vacation trip to cozmel8/22/2021  0  
New to Panama City8/19/2021  1  
Lessons learned the hard way.8/17/2021  0  
meeting8/14/2021  0  
Info if ur trying to reach me8/11/2021  10  
Looking for new fun experiences.7/31/2021  0  
Too good to be true7/28/2021  3  
Proper use of the word SLUT?? I wonder...7/10/2021  9  
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Sex with Strangers in India6/20/2021  0  
Bondage lockdown6/15/2021  3  
B.I.N.G.O.6/13/2021  15  
Moved to Jax6/11/2021  1  
For all of you who love to tell me im not on the right site.6/6/2021  0  
Vaccine Dating...Hopefully!6/5/2021  0  
Pleasure Garden Club 5/29/215/30/2021  0  
Lunch5/21/2021  6  
I didn't mean to turn you off5/11/2021  2