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What can be said when you are not in Bed.1/16/2022  0  
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One Night Stands1/13/2022  30  
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Private Box for standards12/15/2021  4  
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Sex and drugs and rock and roll. Forward never straight12/4/2021  3  
Pat and Dan11/27/2021  0  
seek young man 22 -- 3411/19/2021  0  
This Week is Flying By!11/17/2021  2  
Kindness or Stupidity?11/17/2021  3  
Sullivan County booty love11/16/2021  0  
"Some recreational"(several commentaries about different drugs and their effects, related to dating)11/12/2021  4  
take me part 37911/9/2021  0  
seeing how many people would judge some who went to prison11/9/2021  0  
take me part...37811/8/2021  1  
When I first had sex11/6/2021  2  
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Wonder11/3/2021  0  
autumn is the season11/1/2021  8  
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How to begin developing your lovers breast for nursing10/13/2021  1  
I GUESS That’s Why It’s Called a Cold10/11/2021  13  
Post Lockdown World is a very different place10/9/2021  0  
Okay so I'm completely fucked up9/30/2021  2  
My1st time9/27/2021  5  
What Is Love9/25/2021  0  
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Sex, Drugs, Dildos and Rock n Roll: The MEET-UP!9/21/2021  4  
My1st time9/21/2021  5  
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Las drugs and cash YOLO8/17/2021  0  
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Future8/9/2021  2  
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Anal Play Date, the Married Lady7/14/2021  1