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shove that horn up your ass and then blow your brains out12/30/2021  3  
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My big 50 th birthday, lets make it one that will not be forgotten11/9/2021  0  
My big 50 th birthday, lets make it one that will not be forgotten11/9/2021  0  
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No, Bill Gates Did Not Create The Pandemic10/21/2021  2  
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The instantaneous "Grrrr Gland"9/24/2021  24  
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NEW! Weekend Warriors Saturday night Fuck festivals “coming soon “!!8/21/2021  1  
**** Get Your Relaxation On Today ****8/15/2021  16  
Soft Brown Eyes8/12/2021  1  
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Any single good woman available8/11/2021  0  
pain for pleasure , pleasure for pain , pain with pleasure8/7/2021  11  
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