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Not much, how about you?1/27/2022  7  
Worth Reading1/26/2022  0  
Crazy1/26/2022  5  
Guess I’ll have to try plan B1/25/2022  4  
A hot steamy shower on a cold day (erotica)1/25/2022  5  
So, I understand this is a journey1/25/2022  0  
First time Anal at 631/25/2022  0  
First time Anal at 631/25/2022  0  
At the risk of sounding like an old guy....1/25/2022  6  
just hangin1/24/2022  0  
there is a mouse in my house....1/23/2022  17  
oldie but a goodie1/23/2022  0  
Let her sleep....1/23/2022  4  
Saturday nights alright for….1/22/2022  2  
The weekend is here1/22/2022  14  
A Memorable Experience1/21/2022  0  
Our home away from home FMa1/20/2022  0  
Work Surprise - Dec 20211/20/2022  0  
I never saw this Cumming1/20/2022  0  
company in the shower1/20/2022  21  
My week in review - I'm pretty sure that's a clinical problem :P1/20/2022  6  
Happy Hump day...1/19/2022  3  
My Fiancée’s Best Friend Taken By 2 Asian Women1/18/2022  0  
I'm Thor1/18/2022  5  
The Comical Mishaps Of Sex1/17/2022  9  
Time to call it a day1/17/2022  0  
I should have known....1/17/2022  2  
Where did the shower video go!?1/17/2022  2  
Old and new.....1/17/2022  3  
A Maiden In The Mountains Part 21/16/2022  1  
take me part 579...edited, again.1/15/2022  2  
A Maiden in the Mountains Part 11/15/2022  0  
Straigh Men into Straight Men - Manhood Connections1/14/2022  0  
G, the Red Dress and the red 911 Chapter One1/14/2022  1  
Play date with daddy1/14/2022  2  
Finished painting that unit....1/14/2022  3  
The Bluewater - Part 41/13/2022  0  
Shower After Workout 😓1/13/2022  0  
Our First Visit to a LS Club (#15)1/13/2022  0  
Is it Friday yet?1/13/2022  7  
"you probably want me to rub my clit"1/12/2022  0  
I'm not horny all the time....1/12/2022  4  
Delusions about stopping1/11/2022  1  
Finest bath I've had in forty years...1/11/2022  6  
In the Shower1/10/2022  2  
Involuntary limb spasm brought on by orgasm, or "how I got kicked in the face".1/10/2022  1  
My Fiancée — Her First Anal Experience1/10/2022  0  
A Day at the Spa....1/10/2022  0  
Meet up with my FWB1/10/2022  1  
The snow is gone...1/10/2022  5