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Connections!!!7/28/2022  0  
Sooo many fake accounts on here. Is anyone7/25/2022  0  
Age and time7/21/2022  0  
Fake7/17/2022  0  
I need to fuck my wife and another woman ASAP NOW immediately7/15/2022  0  
Friends7/8/2022  0  
Friends7/8/2022  0  
Friends7/8/2022  0  
SEX ATTORNEY6/19/2022  0  
I’m tired of fake scamming men really6/7/2022  0  
Fake6/5/2022  0  
Fake users.6/5/2022  0  
Anyone close want to chill5/20/2022  0  
I'll show you mine if you show me.......5/17/2022  0  
You WILL have a great time with ME5/16/2022  5  
THE DATING SIDE OF Heated Affairs5/11/2022  0  
FAKE PROFILES5/8/2022  0  
FAKE PROFILES5/8/2022  0  
I’ve always had a fantasy to be groped.5/7/2022  0  
Is it a fake, troll, or all of the above?5/2/2022  0  
Real or just fake?4/22/2022  0  
Six reasons younger men like older women4/17/2022  0  
new friend4/16/2022  0  
Being a wing man4/7/2022  0  
What the Fake is Going On.4/6/2022  0  
Absence made the hearts fonder3/23/2022  1  
Scam3/12/2022  0  
Had enough of those 419 Scams ?3/10/2022  0  
Starting to think this is just a waste of money3/6/2022  1  
Fake Profiles.2/28/2022  1  
Any profile with "Horny" in front is a scam2/27/2022  0  
Fakes2/23/2022  0  
Heated Affairs Scumbags2/19/2022  3  
Wasted time junk ass fake site2/16/2022  0  
Wasted time junk ass fake site2/16/2022  0  
Is everyone on here fake,please2/16/2022  1  
Profession : Agent Secret #22/16/2022  5  
Still looking2/15/2022  0  
Fake profiles2/11/2022  0  
Finally, more and more news coverage2/10/2022  0  
Then, now, and real or not2/9/2022  0  
What is wrong with my profile?2/9/2022  0  
pathetic site2/8/2022  1  
I’m done this site is a fake. Fu ff2/8/2022  0  
Bob's friends2/8/2022  0  
The wrath of a woman2/7/2022  1  
How to Stay Calm and Cool When You Are Extremely Stressed2/6/2022  6  
Those aren't they are photoshop2/6/2022  0  
looks like alot has changed2/5/2022  0