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To: Stupid people, Virtu-signaling, and those with an axe to grind.1/27/2022  0  
Fantasy1/27/2022  0  
One Night Stand with a Traveling Married Guy1/27/2022  0  
real sex1/27/2022  0  
Don't give up1/27/2022  0  
Looking to massage full body deep tissue1/27/2022  0  
Love watching my wife take 2 cocks.1/26/2022  0  
My Favorite Escape1/26/2022  1  
looking1/26/2022  0  
Mmmm Flirty Fun Again: I Found My Own Cheers Bar1/26/2022  15  
Pregnancy from Married Group Encounter Ends My Marriage1/26/2022  0  
The single male and swinging1/26/2022  1  
**** How Kinky Are You ****1/26/2022  15  
I'm on a roll today!1/26/2022  10  
Being Different1/26/2022  1  
Ode to BlurredLinesBrum1/26/2022  0  
What kind of sex you prefer ///Quick and orgasm...or slow and deep and many positions and lots of it1/26/2022  0  
Plus size women are the best1/26/2022  0  
Another morning1/26/2022  1  
Wife turned asexual1/26/2022  0  
Don't have a Gold account1/26/2022  0  
Thank u for everything 💋1/26/2022  0  
Time to BLOW dick!1/25/2022  0  
sexual resolutions and revolutions1/25/2022  4  
Prince Charming Brownted211/25/2022  0  
life after Heated Affairs1/25/2022  0  
do you like surprises ?1/25/2022  3  
a trip to FL and some random thoughts1/25/2022  0  
Feeling like some hot chat right now... make it blow like my vid1/25/2022  0  
the Fax of Life - can we fix this?1/25/2022  0  
The balance.1/25/2022  0  
Winter -----------1/25/2022  3  
Not like others1/25/2022  0  
Love browsing Instagram1/25/2022  5  
For Love of Daddy1/25/2022  0  
Violence in the Garden1/25/2022  0  
Erotic Photos of the Day1/25/2022  5  
First time Anal at 631/25/2022  0  
First time Anal at 631/25/2022  0  
Eager COCKSUCKER1/25/2022  0  
Self Love1/25/2022  0  
take me part 596...edited1/25/2022  2  
We can...1/25/2022  0  
What Turns You On.1/24/2022  7  
Clean1/24/2022  17  
Good heart man Seeking Mature woman for LTR.1/24/2022  0  
The chakras1/24/2022  0  
Presents are never a wrong idea1/24/2022  5  
Its all about accepting your fate1/24/2022  0