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Nerds Against Sobriety!5/1/2022  0  
Going kive12/19/2021  0  
Getting stoned, or rock hard pleasure.11/15/2021  3  
"Some recreational"(several commentaries about different drugs and their effects, related to dating)11/12/2021  4  
So I'm looking for a relationship elsewhere (or here), but fun on here until so. Filters, fakes etc11/8/2021  0  
Anyone want to come over to my place and fuck?9/16/2021  0  
The dumb ones too8/25/2021  6  
take me part 2258/14/2021  2  
take me part 2238/13/2021  1  
Backstage and velvet curtains7/24/2021  6  
WHEN THE CAT'S AWAY...7/15/2021  0  
If It Makes You Happy by Sheryl Crow with pics5/31/2021  4  
Phonys5/29/2021  0  
American Bad Ass by Kid Rock w/pics5/29/2021  6  
Not Quite TPB4/29/2021  2  
My tale of late nite,, interstate, hitch hiking, fukk mate!4/10/2021  0  
Meet number 64/7/2021  0  
pan/sexual fwb3/21/2021  0  
Alpine Valley Trip3/3/2021  0  
Derek's Mom Smokes3/3/2021  0  
A day in my life2/9/2021  0  
A day in my life2/9/2021  0  
The 60's, did any of it make sense?1/29/2021  10  
Ups and Down1/25/2021  3  
7 Sept 2013 (conclusion)1/23/2021  0  
Fantasy once covid is history1/5/2021  0  
The Engagement Party12/30/2020  0  
Weed and sex12/19/2020  0  
On recreational pharmaceuticals11/27/2020  0  
Tennessee Whiskey w/pics11/24/2020  8  
Return of the Selfish Lover11/15/2020  4  
Seasonal Style Meet11/1/2020  0  
Piano Man by Billy Joel w/pics10/28/2020  5  
Two Guys Looking for a Woman10/21/2020  0  
who likes stoned sex10/19/2020  10  
Penny for my thoughts10/12/2020  5  
Cowboy by Kid Rock6/27/2020  4  
MrO, you are an asshole.6/26/2020  3  
Similar excitements OMG6/23/2020  0  
One act4/18/2020  0  
Becoming a bottom4/5/2020  1  
"Boober Eats"3/24/2020  2  
Sheryl Crow's If It Makes You Happy3/12/2020  2  
The wedding a girl...3/9/2020  0  
Been crazy busy!3/7/2020  0  
Cowboy (song)2/19/2020  3  
Camping Trip1/24/2020  4  
Baking brownies1/17/2020  1  
tweaker monkey stoned and spun fun1/7/2020  5  
Drinking ditties11/1/2019  11