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Will revenge make me happier? Or how to fuck over his flings...10/2/2019  4  
Cheating spouses9/27/2019  2  
After The shock9/25/2019  8  
Boyfriend cheated_on me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,9/25/2019  0  
narcissism9/22/2019  3  
It's Not Cheating if he Watches (chapter 1)9/21/2019  9  
Cold dead heart9/21/2019  10  
Would you?9/18/2019  4  
Married Hindu lady with me on Tinder9/16/2019  1  
My Group Requirements9/15/2019  0  
Don't want to miss one of the most beautiful things in life9/12/2019  1  
Let's make a point9/12/2019  6  
is it cheating to flirt online9/10/2019  4  
Almost 60 and Sassy as Hell9/9/2019  9  
If you are cheating9/9/2019  3  
cheating or not cheating9/5/2019  4  
E102: More from Emma’s mother’s diary9/3/2019  1  
Our story from the beginning.9/2/2019  0  
Scary ass8/31/2019  0  
My example8/30/2019  0  
Masqerading As Single. A Poem8/26/2019  7  
Female boss8/24/2019  3  
My first time With a Man8/23/2019  4  
Wife want more8/13/2019  0  
Femdom Games No38/10/2019  0  
Cheating , like dating, is getting laid, not making love8/10/2019  8  
sex with a horny neglected milf8/10/2019  1  
Cheating8/9/2019  0  
Cheating8/6/2019  0  
Crazy!!! Weirdly, It Was Fun At The Same Time!8/4/2019  2  
I am back!!!8/4/2019  1  
Hot Mature Bachelor7/31/2019  2  
Patsy Cline Mood. A Poem7/31/2019  2  
Funny Monday!7/29/2019  4  
local spur of the moment7/26/2019  1  
Mist2127 and Darknessfalls997/24/2019  3  
Is it cheating?7/23/2019  0  
Cock loving slut7/22/2019  0  
Hung Fit Straight Married Cheating Daddy7/22/2019  0  
Watching Mother in Law7/15/2019  0  
but then you have insane bitch7/14/2019  0  
DIRTY DICKS7/14/2019  0  
Social Portrait of Cheating Wife7/13/2019  1  
Other hassles7/9/2019  2  
Shady And Selfish A Poem7/8/2019  4  
do people really fall out of love if they were in love to start6/29/2019  0  
How do you tell your wife you are bisexual?6/19/2019  0  
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Some of my fiction from Literotica6/17/2019  0