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My Sexting Blog for the Week12/28/2021  0  
please forgive me.... bonus two, at least part of it. unedited12/28/2021  3  
My clit is next to useless12/27/2021  3  
Messaging in Heated Affairs12/27/2021  9  
Seven year itch!12/27/2021  10  
Last week I left a note on Laura's desk...12/27/2021  0  
Fun Night in Bellevue!12/26/2021  7  
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What's in YOUR search engine?12/24/2021  17  
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Chapter 212/23/2021  1  
Part 2 My So-Called Exciting Life!12/23/2021  9  
The Bachelor Party12/23/2021  3  
cocksucker12/22/2021  2  
Last Day12/21/2021  0  
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48 Hours - 23 Loads In Heather12/21/2021  0  
How to Deal with your Girlfriend Ex12/21/2021  3  
Today was a busy day #212/20/2021  0  
Stinky Pussy12/20/2021  9  
FIRST DATE in forever: Meeting in the time of COVID12/20/2021  6  
Cockberry Bush, a new story12/20/2021  5  
Giving CL whilst my wife is on phone to a male friend12/20/2021  0  
My cheating neighbor and I talk about how we're going to blow our loads into her friend.12/19/2021  0  
Day Is Done. . . .12/19/2021  1  
take me part 523....edited?12/19/2021  0  
Just new on here and having fun12/19/2021  4  
YECHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!12/18/2021  1  
On A Soggy Saturday12/18/2021  0  
Morning Routines12/17/2021  2  
Take me part 516....edited12/16/2021  0  
take me part 515...edited12/16/2021  4  
RIP Betsy Blue--We Loved You!12/16/2021  3  
Some Days Just Shine!12/15/2021  4  
Let's Keep In Touch. Private Mail12/15/2021  6  
Tributes to a Princess12/15/2021  3  
Covid..close to home.12/14/2021  8  
How she became a Hotwife12/13/2021  0  
they say don't i think hell yeah12/13/2021  0  
3 Asians Help Me Bang Irish Girlfriend12/13/2021  0  
Smart Home12/12/2021  0  
Happy Birthday!12/12/2021  0  
Repeat anyone?12/11/2021  0  
summoned to perform my life's mission12/11/2021  0  
Aren't any of the couples or women here serious? Legit people ghosting.12/11/2021  2  
Saturday 12/11/202112/11/2021  0  
I would to find a older couple to help me find a trans and female to live with12/11/2021  0  
take me part 494.... edited, ???12/10/2021  2