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Creepy Crawlies8/8/2016  4  
I'd like to scream by pleasant sensation you give me7/24/2016  20  
i just want to have sex.7/17/2016  0  
I just sent this article to the Mrs. Its a very good article.7/15/2016  4  
In osaka (Just rambling after drinking a bit)7/15/2016  3  
Part 3: Bend-Over. I'll drive.7/4/2016  2  
How to save precious water in this summer.6/30/2016  0  
Taste the cosmos6/27/2016  3  
Who wants to play Yakyuken!!!???6/25/2016  7  
Ultimate Tokyo experience6/25/2016  7  
I wanna see someone cosplay the following, so I can chat with her6/22/2016  2  
Do you like 69?6/17/2016  32  
Get a Room6/17/2016  1  
Fear6/15/2016  8  
My Bio6/3/2016  0  
anti Trump6/1/2016  3  
Why Yard Sales Are Important5/29/2016  10  
Will your little boy give me great pleasure?5/29/2016  15  
sexless life5/26/2016  3  
Full Moon Saturday!5/24/2016  4  
Condoms Before And After - Nineteenth Virtual Symposium (Science)5/7/2016  22  
Gardens4/30/2016  12  
Thank you!4/25/2016  7  
Happening Bar (Part 1)4/21/2016  2  
Kumamoto earthquake4/18/2016  11  
Changing tunes4/15/2016  10  
What does it mean when you dream about your ex?4/13/2016  5  
YOGA’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK4/12/2016  19  
The Dream of Fisherman’s Wife4/6/2016  3  
Secret- Eighteenth Symposium4/4/2016  14  
Annual Penis Festival4/4/2016  9  
The Eighteenth Virtual Symposium . . . Secrets4/3/2016  22  
~* THE FUNNY SH*T THE DUDES ON THIS SITE SAY*~4/2/164/2/2016  29  
Wrong WA3/24/2016  7  
Three point one four3/14/2016  3  
Why Has Date Changed for Start of Spring?3/13/2016  3  
next date is martch 263/11/2016  1  
Talking about married life3/8/2016  2  
Satisfaction lies in the effort , not in the attainment , full effort is full victory3/5/2016  4  
Agent Orange, the Banana Republican3/4/2016  5  
The First Time . . . the Seventeenth Virtual Symposium3/1/2016  16  
The First Time...Ever You Penetrated My Pussy2/25/2016  10  
Which would you like to eat, boobs-shaped chocolates or my boobs?2/21/2016  21  
Wild monkeys are living close to houses in Japan.2/13/2016  1  
Chocolate on my lips.2/13/2016  1  
This guy is dumb. Should I give him a chance?2/7/2016  11  
Women wore Kimono without panties2/6/2016  14  
Ranking Within 100 in Japan Will Be Awarded!!2/5/2016  0