Playing in the Woods  

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Playing in the Woods

“Let’s go to the park,” I said as I finished eating my last french fry at my favorite fast food restaurant. “I even dressed for the occasion.”

“Oh?” Richard, my lover, said. I smiled deviously as I unzipped my sweatshirt to reveal that I didn’t have a shirt on underneath it. “So I see!”

“I’ve never gone with someone else so it will be nice not to have to figure out what branch will hold my phone for the seconds I need to bare my moobs and cover back up.”

“I’m happy to be your photographer, even if I’m not very good,” he replied. “I can attest that my trouser buddy is suddenly very excited about the prospects.”

I leaned forward and whispered, “Excellent! When we’re done, we can go to the motel and fuck. I know I’m going to want to be filled with your cum.”

“I love how you get to the point,” he replied. I reached under the table and ran the tips of my fingers over his cock through his pants. Richard involuntarily moaned softly and I could feel a small wet spot form.

“I’m too busy to waste time with flowery words and flirting. Are you ready to go? I’ll drive.”

We cleaned up our table and dumped out the trash then headed out to my little green sedan. “One of these days we’re going to have to find a deserted road and test to see if my seat actually lays flat and how good my shocks are as you pound my ass.”

“I may not last until the motel room if you keep talking like that!”

“I know you don’t want to miss filling me with your cock and feeling my ass muscles tighten around your cock as I come hard,” I said as I backed out of the parking space and put the car in drive. Then, I reached over and rested my fingertips on his cock again. It was quite hard now and I could feel it pressing against his pants.

“I could get it up again if I cum before we get to the motel. I’ve been without relief for a week now, just been too busy. I can fill you with more cum than you’ll know what to do with.”

“Oh! You sweet talker!”

Thankfully for both of us, the park I wanted to go to was only a few minutes from where we had lunch. I pulled into the second parking lot, the one closest to the woods, and parked. There was no one in either parking lots, which was surprising given what a beautiful day it was. That didn’t mean we’d be alone in the park, as many could easily walk to the park from all over town, but our chances of getting caught were diminished.

“Follow me,” I said as I grabbed my phone and keys then got out of the car. We made our way down the path, watching our step as the trail was covered with root mines ready to trip you without any concern about your safety.

About 50 yards down the trail I stopped. I looked around and no one was across the pond from us and no one was parked at the house that we could just about see through the trees. They’d be hard pressed to see us but always better to be careful when in public.

“Looks clear. Your job as<b> photographer </font></b>is also to listen for voices and any sounds that someone might be coming. Are you ready?”

Richard nodded his head. I pulled out my phone and opened the camera app. “Touch the picture so that it will focus then take the pictures. You can get my head in the pic for us to see but when I get home I’ll have to crop out my face.”

He took the phone and aimed it at me. I unzipped my sweatshirt and revealed my moobs. As he took pictures I played with them, holding them up to the camera and sucking on the nipples. Richard had to adjust his pants as he took the pictures.

“I’m going to take a short video. Can you do the reveal again? Then, lift them up and suck on the nipples?” Richard asked.

“Sure,” I replied then zipped back up and did a perimeter check to make sure we were still alone. There were some people across the pond from us but they were walking away from us towards the other end of the pond. “Ready?”

“Go,” he said then pressed the record button. I quickly unzipped my sweatshirt again and followed the steps he’d given me. I looked up suddenly when I heard voices coming towards us. I quickly zipped up my sweatshirt and moved next to Richard.

“Hello,” the couple said as they walked past us.

“Hi,” I replied and Richard waved. We waited until they were well past us before we continued.

“Can I make a video of you sucking my cock?”

“Do you promise not to cum in my mouth?”

“I promise,” he said and held up his fingers. “Scouts honor.”

“Were you even a Boy Scout?”


“I’ll trust you,” I said. Richard opened the camera app again and turned it to video.

“I’m going to start it … now,” he said and pressed the button. I stepped closer to him and kissed him as my hands unzipped his pants and slid his hard cock through the hole.

I squatted in front of him then took the tip of his cock between my lips and held it there for several seconds as I swirled my tongue around it and pressed it into the little hole to get more precum to leak out. He moved his free hand behind my head and forced me to take his cock into my mouth.

“Oh fuck, your mouth feels so good,” he whimpered as the warm moistness of my mouth enveloped his hard cock. “Take it all in and hold it there.”

I held onto his pant leg for support as he thrusted into my mouth, forcing all of it down my throat as his hand held my head in place. He facefucked me as he recorded it on my phone.

“That’s a good slut,” he said. “Suck my cock in the woods where anyone could see us. That’s it … take it all … down … your … throat.”

He forced me to swallow all of his cock and hold it until I gagged. I could hear his breathing change as he went back to my mouth, and I knew he was going to be coming soon.

“Unzip your jacket and show me your man tits,” he ordered. I quickly unzipped my sweatshirt and lifted the heavy sacks of breasts up. He pulled out of my mouth and wrapped his hand around the shaft. Less than 10 seconds later his cum exploded from his cock and it landed on my moobs.

When he finished I quickly zipped up and covered up the evidence of what he’d done. I was so turned on at what just happened. “I need you to fuck me.”

Richard stopped the recording and handed my phone back to me. “Let’s go to the motel.”

donsv1962 59M

3/17/2021 12:43 pm


I want to take you into the fiery lair of steamy sexual delight on this hot sultry night.

smuttywriter replies on 3/17/2021 4:00 pm:
Thanks for the comment!

smuttywriter 50T

3/17/2021 11:23 am

I have 40 minutes to play. I may wait a few minutes to make it a challenge but I don't think it is going to take very long before I come with a big fat dildo shoved deep inside me, wishing it was "Richard" filling me with his cock. Mmmm!

smuttywriter replies on 3/17/2021 12:21 pm:
That was just what I needed!

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