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12/27/2020 9:26 pm
Keep It Simple Sweetheart

I consider myself a student of human sexuality and a lifelong learner. I think I am fortunate that I learned fairly early on in my sexual journey that the very best sex with a stranger pales in comparison a random Thursday with a partner you know very well. Do not get me wrong. One-night stands can be very exciting and lots of fun, but it has been my experience that the sexual gratification from even vanilla sex with a talented, well known partner can be absolutely and utterly amazing! When I was in my early fifties this idea was driven home with a particularly talented long-term girlfriend I had. She stood five foot ten inches tall and was a beautiful buxom woman with an open mind and a zest for life. At the time she was splitting her time between a job in Colorado punctuated by visits to my place in New Mexico. When she would come visit, we would have lots of amazing, mind blowing, and often very kinky sex. However, in this time period, I honestly think the most intense sex we had was an unplanned session in the middle of one of her visits. It was just her and I. No toys, no role playing, and no BDSM play session. That is right, mid trip, so it was neither the exuberant arrival nor desperate departure sex.

It started simply enough. My office area is in my Master Bedroom. It was midmorning so I was busy doing some engineering work when my woman told me that she wanted to take a shower. I told her, “Yes, please do. I hope you have a great shower.” A long while later she emerged for the master bathroom with her beautiful, long, light brown, hair twisted into a heavy blue towel and her gorgeous curvaceous body wrapped with a matching blue bath sheet. She sat on her side of the bed, which happened to be the side closest to my office area. I spun my chair to face her and asked, “Good shower?”

“Yes, yes it was,” she said with a big smile on her face as she began her post shower routine. I lingered for a moment as she began putting on her lotion, then turn back around and started working again. A few minutes later she got up, and fully closed the partially open do. I looked up from my laptop and she gave me a broad smile that at the time I thought was a smile of happiness and contentment. Looking back at it, I now realize there was also a little bit of her mischievous lip curl. I did not give it much thought because I knew part of her post shower routine was to lay out on the bed naked, relax, visualize the day ahead of her, and allow her skin to air dry as the lotion absorbed in. I honestly do not know why, but I felt compelled to tourn around and look at her. As I slowly rotated my office chair around, I was surprised to find her looking at me. She was staring at me really. I felt rather like a rack of lamb might feel in front of a starving person. She grinned and gently bit her lower lip. I cannot begin to describe how utterly, intoxicatingly, beautiful she looked sprawled out naked on our four-pillar bed in the natural morning light that was streaming in through the window. Side note, at the time I lived on several acres of land so we could have our windows shades open without fear of anyone seeing. Our eyes locked, and I smiled a big toothy smile. I felt proud that this was my woman. The intelligence in her eyes, the warm and adoring smile, and her overwhelming beauty. I was especially fond of her unadulterated appearance. No makeup, no fancy clothes. Just her. Do not miss understand she could rock a little black dress, but damn she was so fine just by herself. She held up her right index finger, and said, “No.” Followed immediately by, “You have work to do mister.” Undaunted, I rose to my feet. Again, she said, “No,” but this time it was more of a plea. “I just got all cleaned up,” she continued with a little bit of a pout.

I looked at her inquisitively and asked, “No?”
“No,” she said trying desperately to hold a solemn poker face, but not succeeding very well.

I should take a moment at this point and explain that in our relationship, in a sexual situation, no did not mean no. We used a combination of code words and a safe word to guide our sex. The code words we used were green for this is awesome harder please, yellow for this is good but lighter please, and red for switch what you are doing I want to try something else. The “no” in our sexual relationship was her safe word. When she spoke it, everything stopped instantly and without question.

By this time, I was on the bed next to her. She was trying to keep me at arm’s length. “Mister, you have work to do, and I just got cleaned up for the day,” she reiterated. I smiled and leaned in for a kiss. She turned her head, pulled away, and pushed her arms firmly against my chest preventing the kiss. I leaned into her hands pushing against my chest, quickly put my hands low near my belt line, formed then into a wide “V” shape and drove them hard up to her wrists. As I pushed my arms upwards, I also spread them so that her hands slipped off my chest toward my shoulders. As I fell forward, I simultaneously caught myself and pinned her wrist to the bed spread apart. My face stopped just inches from her face. I starred unflinchingly into her beautiful eyes. My face clearly showed my overwhelming desire for her. She looked back, clearly also desiring me. “Oh, fuck,” she said softly. I threw my right leg over her body and placed my feet between her legs. I put my full weight on her abdomen and her wrists to let her know she was mine. She moved to kiss me, but I pulled away. Our eyes stayed locked on each other. I moved in like I was going to kiss her but stopped just short. I watched her every move. She approached my lips and I pulled away.

I smiled and playfully said, “I thought you said, no.”

“Please,” she said clearly begging.

“Please what?” I said whimsically. “Please who?” I asked.

“Please kiss me,” she said with desperation in her voice. “Please me,” she answered my second question. All this time I kept my lips close to but not touching hers.

“But you said, no” I responded.

“I changed my mind,” she retorted. Our heads danced the tango as she would reach forward to try to kiss me and I would pull back. Then she would relax back towards the bed and I would follow close behind. After a few moments of the I slid her hands together above her head crossed her wrists and “held” them there with my left hand. This position accentuated her large breasts. I cupped her left breast with my right hand and pushed it up bring her nipple close to my face. I opened my mouth like I was going to suck her nipple into it, but I just breathed out, like someone fogging up glasses to clean them. The anticipation and my warm breath made her moan, and she arched her back in a despite ploy to put the nipple in my mouth. I kissed her breast just above the nipple. Then I kissed her neck as I ran my hand up her chest to her neck. I grabbed her neck, turned her head to her right, kissed and nibbled on her ear, and then came over to her lips. Her hands pushed firmly into the bed with my left hand, and her head controlled with my right hand I starred into her eyes again for a moment poising my lips above hers. The excitement and electricity were palpable! I leaned in and she strained against my hand and we kissed passionately. Actually, passionately does not do the kiss justice. There was intense love exchanged in that kiss, combined with a burning, lust filled desire. This fiercely, extraordinarily, and enormously, intense kiss lasted for minutes. Despite breathing through our noses as we kissed, when we did break away from the kiss, we were both panting. Our eyes locked again. She said softly but emphatically, “You.”

I slid off her, and carefully scanned her entire body, head to toe, making approving faces as I did so, then I finished her sentence, “…are incredible.” My look made it clear I was speaking of her. I released her hands, stood up, walked to the door, and with her watching locked the door know. I walked back over to the side of the bed and began to undress. She bit her lower lip as she watched me disrobe. She used her hands to cup her breast and she pinched her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. She is the only partner I have ever had that was able to have a full orgasm just from stimulating her breasts and nipples. Once I was naked, I crawled back onto the bed and straddled her again. I used my thighs to compress her legs together as I took over pinching her left nipple with my large, strong, right, hand. At the same time, I cupped her right breast with my massive left hand and began to suck and bite her right nipple. I began to pinch and pull hard on her left and a sucked harder and harder on her right nipple. She reached up to the large headboard and began to white knuckled the base of the headboard. Shortly she began to buck, rock, and arch her back. The compression on the outside of her thighs allowed her to self-stimulate her clit, and the combination sent her into her first orgasm.

I released my grip on her legs, slid my legs between hers, and wiggled down until the head of my penis was poised near her vagina. As I began to rub the head of my cock against her clit, she began to squirm and she whispered, “Oh fuck, yes please.” I reached down between our legs and used my dick to slap her clit and to prod the opening of her cunt. I used the head to barely part her lips then withdraw. Over and over, I did this while I grabbed her breasts and alternated sucking on her nipples. She arched her back and thrust her hips toward my penis in an attempt to burry it deep inside her, but it was to no avail as I would just pull away each time. It did not take long before her face began to turn red and her breathing became shallow. A moment before her body began to contract for her next orgasm, I thrust my hips forward hard, burying member deep inside her. This pushed her over the edge, and she began to orgasm again. She had an already tight pussy, with great Kegel muscle control put when she orgasmed with your cock inside her the feeling was indiscernibly amazing. I slid my hips from side to side. This allowed me to do two things. First, I was able to stay inside her despite the fact that her vaginal contractions were doing everything possible to push my cock out. Second, my pubic bone grazed back and forth across he clitoris further adding to her stimulus. Her face turned beat red, and her breathing became a series of short bursts out followed by a periodic gasp in. as the orgasm began to fade, she began to shout, “FUCK!” and “yes, Yes, YES!” Followed by another round of fucks and yeses. Once her vaginal walls began to relax I began to stoke my dick in and out of her. I could feel the post orgasm spasms contract on my cock. She wiggled her back side to side riding the waves of pleasure. I could actually feel her start to build up to another orgasm, but I could not hold back any longer if I stayed in her succubus cunt. I quickly pulled out of her, she looked up at me with disappointment on her face.

“No yet, you little succubus.” I said jokingly. She smiled as we kissed gently. I began to kiss nibble and bite my way down her body. First around her ears. Then her neck. Down the front of her chest, teasing each of her nipples in turn. I stopped to suck on the sensitive skin under her left breast. Her response was so intense, I had to linger. As I moved on I noticed I had left a hickey. I nibbled my way across her ribs, down her abdomen, by passing her groin. I continued all the way down her left leg, to her freshly showered feet. I special attention her feet. Using my thumb push hard against the arch of her left foot as I licked and sucked on each of her toes from here pinky tow to her big toe. I watched her carefully to measure what tickled and what was turning her on. I grasped her ankles firmly with my big hands and place her feet together. I then jumped from her left foot to her right paying it the same careful attention. She writhed and squirmed in the narrow area between tickling from over stimulation and intense nerve tingling ecstasy. I then started to work my way up the inside of her right leg. Kissing, nibbling, and licking my way up slowly. Again, I avoided her groin and her obvious erogenous zones. I kissed her pubic mound and worked my way to the tender inside of her thighs. I forced her legs wide apart with my strong arms. I sucked on the hallow of the inside of her thighs right next to her outer labia. I then worked my way toward her clitoral hood, but just teased her with my hot breath before gliding to the hollow on the other thigh. I again hovered over her hood breathing out heavily. She moaned, arched her back and thrust her hips toward me. I quickly licked her clit with the tip of my tongue. It looked like I had sent an electric shock through her.

We played this cat and mouse game between her clit and my tongue for several minutes until she reached down, place her hand on the back of my head and said in a possessed voice, “Stop teasing, and give it to me.” To which I started flicking my tongue across her clit. No matter how much she bucked, no matter how much she pulled with her hands, no more than the tip of my tongue touched her erogenous zones. I kept this up until I heard her breathing change again and saw her abdomen start to get firm. Then without warning I lunged forward, sucked her clit and upper vagina into my mouth. I used my tongue to run a line from the top of her vagina to the bottom of her clit and back again in firm deliberate strokes. A half dozen strokes in and she began to shudder and spasm. Her thighs locked around my head as her hands white knuckled the headboard. It was all I could do to hang on. She bucked and flopped about like an evil scientist had crossed a fish and a bull. She yelled out a series of “SHIT … FUCK … SHIT … FUCK!” until the orgasm began to subside. As soon as her thighs began to relax I broke away from between her legs. I made sure she was watching as I inserted the middle and ring fingers of my right hand deep in my mouth. I smile at her with a rye smile. “Oh, no, no, no, please…” she begged.

I looked at her and said, “Oh, yes, yes, yes,” mockingly. Then I whispered, “You know what is coming.” As I slid back between her legs. I gently slid the two fingers deep inside her cunt, curling the index finger and pinky as I did so. I reached deep inside her and played with the very top of her vagina right next to the cervix. Then as I began to work the finger in and out of her with my right hand, I wrapped my left arm around her leg and pulled up on her pubic mound exposing her beautiful clit button. I sucked it into my mouth and began to play with it. Gently at first, then increasingly rough. Same with my fingers inside her, starting gently and getting steadily more forceful. Before long I could feel her vaginal walls begin to contract. Then I watched her stomach become ridged as her legs began to shake, and then she started to hold her breath. I tased her precum as her ass came off the bed. I pulled my face away, because at this point in our relationship he would not allow herself to squirt while my face was between her legs (something I am proud to say we worked through). I began to stimulate her clit with my left thumb. “That’s it, I want you to fucking break my fingers!” I instructed her. “Come on baby, please do not hold back, you know I love it when you come really hard for me.” As she began to squirt, I removed my fingers, and a gush splashed my chest. I reinserted my finger, but this time palm down. I pulled her cunt open and slammed my finger in and out of her, still rubbing her clit with my left thumb. The second splash was bigger than the first. “Oh, FUCK ya, baby you are amazing,” I told her. I slid my body up hers getting in position to enter her with my dick again. She held up her right index finger. Her way of telling me to giver her a minute, but just as she did that the head of my penis touched her clit. She tensed, grabbed a fist full of comforter and sheet with each hand near her hips.

A long, “P-L-E-A-S-E,” escaped her lips like a dying breath. I slid inside her and stayed as still as I could to enjoy the gently but palpable waves of contractions. “Oh, FUCK!” she yelled as an orgasm overtook her without warning. Again, I used the side-to-side motion to help her through the waves of pleasure. Once the contractions relaxed a began to use full long strokes. I sat upright, brough her feet together in front of me and began to suck on her toes as I continued to thrust inside her. Her cunt felt amazing as she began to ramp up into yet another orgasm. This one was intense. So intense that even with the side-to-side motion her cunt ejected my dick. I rolled her onto her left side moved her left leg out straight with my right knee, straddled her left leg, positioned my cock to enter her cunt and pulled myself into position using her upturned right thigh. I began to stroke in and out of her vigorously. I have always loved this position. The tendon on my right leg banged against her clit, stimulating her. Meanwhile, her left thigh stoked the underside of my scrotum, which felt amazing. Combined with the visuals of her enormous tits bouncing, and her face showing her immense pleasure, plus the sound of her sopping wet pussy being slapped by my pelvis made it very tough to hold out very long. But I was able to long enough to bring a sweat to my brow. She had a thing for her sexual partner dripping sweat on her. So, I liked to make sure I got to that level of physicality for her. After feeling a drop hit her chest, she reached up, and wiped my brow with her right hand. As if on cue, she started into yet another orgasm. This one was different though. It had a slower onset. It had a longer build up. Once at its peak, it never completely let up. It would eb and flow, but it was constantly there. It made both of us feel incredibly, and unimaginably amazing. I could hold back no longer, and she knew it.

“Yes, baby.” She whispered, “Give it all to me. I want to feel your cum deep inside me.” Her voice was getting louder, and her tone became more and more firm. “Cum inside me. GIVE IT TO ME!” my movements became less fluid, my face contorted and scrunched. I felt like I my whole body was going to fold up into a little square and be crushed through a portal between her legs. I felt like I might turn myself inside out as I shot my cum inside her. There was not a muscle in my body that did not contract during that orgasm. She grabbed her upturned right leg and pulled it toward her allowing me more access to her cunt, sucking me ever deeper inside her. With her right hand she pushed against the headboard to help further bury me inside her. I felt her squirt around my dick. Her juices flowed down her leg and wrapped my ball sack in her warmth. It was an incredible feeling.

I collapsed right in front of her struggling to untangle her right leg. I looked at her exuberant and exhausted face. I felt so intimately connected to her. More than just the amazing, mind blowing, and intense sex. I felt a connection that transcended the physical like somehow the mixing of our bodily fluids was somehow mixing our very souls. I rolled over onto my back to catch my breath, and she snuggled into my right arm and laid her head on my chest. I kissed her sweaty forehead as she reached up and gently stroked my face with her hand. I breathed in deeply. It was an intoxicating mixture of her aromas, my smells, and her sweet breath. She looked up at me lovingly, opened her mouth to say something, but the words were unintelligible. I smiled at her. She smiled back and she burrowed into my chest, both of us as satisfied, content, and intertwined as humanly possible.

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6/28/2021 3:23 pm

Very well spoken and extremely stimulating. Got and kept me hard and I had some fun too. lol

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