The Holidays are over....  

secret_lade 48F  
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1/5/2017 6:29 pm
The Holidays are over....

I can FINALLY relax!!

The best part? I have 6 whole days off in a row.... I haven't had that much time off in nearly 2 years.

It's a mini vay-cay!!!!

Not going anywhere, not doing anything, this chic is going to kick back and watch Netflix from the comforts of her fuzzy jammies and heated bed.

Does it get any better than this??

s2ndegree 63M  
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1/5/2017 10:54 pm

We're over the hump and it does feel good!
Now What can I do with 240 hours of paid vacation time.
Let's see there's Frank Lloyd Wrights Falling water,
Gettysburg,Crater lake,Racine Wis.....

Using more than all the road!

dayzeeme 53F
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1/5/2017 8:40 pm

some sex would make it better, but that is just nit picking lol. Enjoy your well deserved time off from retail hell!!!

et44c4 45M

1/5/2017 7:23 pm

i'm really good at massages.

et44c4 45M

1/5/2017 6:49 pm

Need help relaxing?

howlindog50 71M
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1/5/2017 6:31 pm

Wellllll . . . if you had some company to watch Netflix (among other things) in the comfort of your heated bed [weg].

Hugs if ya want 'em

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