Observations I Made Today  

secret_lade 48F  
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8/14/2016 5:59 pm
Observations I Made Today

1. Believe it or not, I never noticed until TODAY that it was Huey Lewis in the gymnasium who turns down Marty McFly when he auditions in Back to the Future.

2. Even though it's 3 times as expensive, clinical strength deodorant ISN'T any better than regular strength.

3. will do ANY chore to get their electronics privileges back.

4. Former coworkers who have NOT improved their life situations since you last saw them will go out of their way to avoid you in public situations.

5. I go out of my way to approach people who go out of their way to avoid me. I want to know the juicy details of their misery.

6. Without realizing it, I picked a side in regards to the work place feud.

7. I only wear dangly earrings.

8. The hotter and muggier it is, the bitchier I get. Even though I say summer is my favorite season, I'm lying. I actually love fall.

9. Salt and pepper hair on men turns me on.

10. Even though I went grocery shopping yesterday, I had nothing to make a complete meal tonight for dinner. I MUST utilize a grocery list!!

scott6250 59M

8/15/2016 6:29 pm

Nice list. I need to do number 10 as well.

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secret_lade replies on 8/15/2016 6:51 pm:
Yeah, when I don't have the list, I end up getting random stuff that just doesn't work well into a meal plan.

iwalkstilts 47M  
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8/14/2016 8:36 pm

I knew it was Huey but I didn't use a grocery list on Friday and I forgot the two items I always get.
I don't know what the fuel is about,but apparently I've picked a side as well.

secret_lade replies on 8/15/2016 1:51 am:
The absolute worst is forgetting the only item you went to the store to get in the first place!

nerdygirl721 32F  
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8/14/2016 8:21 pm

#10 is something I should start doing. Shopping lists

secret_lade replies on 8/15/2016 1:55 am:
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. The list forces me to make meal plans and put thought into what I'm getting so I don't end up with a shit ton of lunch meat and no bread. LOL In my defense, I was certain I already had bread.

Furbal1972 49M
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8/14/2016 7:51 pm

Not that I would know what Huey Lewis looks like, but I never noticed that either. .. And that was one of my favorite movies. .. I saw it 13 times in the theater. (That was a long. boring summer.) .. And I've watched it countless times since.

My favorite season has always been spring, but I've been coming around to fall now too.

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secret_lade replies on 8/15/2016 1:57 am:
I love Huey, went to his concert this summer. I ended up watching the Back to the Future Trilogy this weekend. I still notice something different every time.

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