secret_lade 48F  
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8/19/2016 4:36 pm


[Image of woman's ass here]

Does anyone else chuckle a little at the ads pictured on this site? I can't help but marvel over how things have changed over the years. When I first signed up, back in the stone ages, there were no blogs, no ads, people didn't have to email each other a specific number of times before you could exchange information.

It was pretty archaic, really.

The addition of the blog feature has been really nice, I'll admit. It's the blog that draws me back, the small circle of friends who rally around each other through rough times and rejoice in good times.

A place to reveal those secrets you can't reveal in real life.

This is my third time around, here. New phase in life, new profile, new wants, new needs...... Blah blah blah....

There is one underlying factor that remains the same, however. That need for physical human touch. I'm noticing something different this time around, though.

I'm different.

A lot of the men on here are looking for an easy piece of ass that they can hook up with from time to time. I have nothing against that at all, or them for that matter. They are being honest, they have needs that need to be met and that is, to an extent, why a site like this exists.

I'm finding... I just can't be that 'easy piece of ass'. I want more. Someone who can hold a conversation, correctly spell the word divorce, send an introduction email that contains words instead of dick pic's.

I know these men are on here, I've met them before. They are few and far between, but I can hold out until I find the right one.

Just because I'm not looking for Prince Charming to scoop me up and ride off into the sunset with me it doesn't mean I have to be the who is hanging out under the bridge with the trolls.

cheezie212 51M
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8/20/2016 4:32 am

OMG, so many changes over the years (decade!). Some good, most were bad decisions. Not many good changes lately.

secret_lade replies on 8/20/2016 4:59 am:
A lot has changed since I was here last. (Roughly 3 years) I have to say, the ads are definitely my point of contention.

mindworker1970 51M
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8/19/2016 7:07 pm

We are out here, just outnumbered. And usually drowned out by the rude crude crass masses. Just be patient and keep to your standards. It may take some time but it does work.

secret_lade replies on 8/19/2016 10:23 pm:
That's my plan.

scott6250 59M

8/19/2016 6:26 pm

I rarely pay any attention to the ads on here. Have a great weekend.

"Sweet, steamy, sensuous kisses light the bright fires of passionate lust within us." scott6250

secret_lade replies on 8/19/2016 10:31 pm:
You have a great weekend as well!

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