Cold spell in Florida mmmm how do you stay warm ?  

seastheday4u 65M/F
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1/28/2022 8:24 am
Cold spell in Florida mmmm how do you stay warm ?

We love to touch and hug up to each other while I crab his cock and make him moan in pleasure......

20MAR2018 70M/72F  
37 posts
1/28/2022 10:01 am

Sounds exciting... Keeps the chill away...

seastheday4u replies on 1/29/2022 6:27 am:
Great picture!

69ereatwetpussy 59M  
6784 posts
1/28/2022 11:25 am

Nothing warm then to babies under the sheet naked soon the sheet come off. Stay warm we are in Up State NY this is Nothing to us. Been -10 to -20 the last week.

seastheday4u replies on 1/29/2022 6:30 am:
Oh my brrrrr it’s going to be in the 30 tonight but sunny 😎

LadiesR2B1rst 59M  
2735 posts
1/28/2022 12:55 pm

It appears you have answered your own question. Take care and keep warm. Thank You.

Sexaddkt70 71M
1423 posts
1/28/2022 1:44 pm

Good choice

luv2meetu36 58M
671 posts
1/28/2022 2:24 pm

could use a warm up here currently -25 with wind chill of -40 oh that's in Celsius

frozen balls.. lol

seastheday4u 65M/F
448 posts
1/29/2022 6:31 am

Stay warm

Midevil2006 44M
32 posts
2/3/2022 3:53 am

My wife makes hot chocolate πŸ’£'s when it gets cold...they sell pretty good. I just help supply the "chocolate". Lol 😁

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