Can a bad person, turn out to be good? Can a person redeem themselves? Maybe, I had a uncle who was a son of a bitch. He was abusive to my aunt, wasn't a good father. On some payday he would gamble his check and lose all his money , and my aunt wouldn't see him for several day. My aunt had to pay all the bills. My aunt must have really loved this man! She had four kids with him, and never filed for divorce. She was his rock when he was down and out, she always took him back when he left, and when he was sick she nursed him back to health. There was one time he admitted that he didn't deserve such a loving woman. Years later she died, and he inherited everything she owned, two cars, a little money and a house, along with the life insurance policy. Family members was upset, and thought he shouldn't have gotten anything. Later in years, my dad died. He was a good man, good father and everyone loved him. He was 6yrs younger than my uncle. I was upset, why would God take a good man and let a horrible man remain alive? I look at life as unfair, I was hurt. But as time passed by, my uncle started to change. He gave up drinking, cussing, and started to go to church once in a while. His child, my cousin moved in with him. He tried to reach out to the other children, but my oldest cousin refused to acknowledge him. His health start to deteriorate, so my cousin was there to take care of her dad. At times, I talked to other family members and they said he did 180 degree turned. I couldn't believe it, with in a year he died. Then I thought about it, my dad was a good man, and did all he had to do so god took him, and my uncle was spared and given a chance to redeem himself. It took much longer for my uncle, compared to my dad. So the question is? Can we be redeem? Maybe if we live long enough, we can!
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"Take notice"!
Posted:Aug 15, 2021 7:19 pm
Last Updated:Aug 16, 2021 10:49 am
There are many, many people that love attention, or to be notice. Who don't? Whether your a man or a woman, it's good to catch someone's eye. I'll get straight to the point, there are some that wants acknowledgement, pat on the back, feedback and to be praised! Kind of like a young that never got the attention and now obsessed getting it as an adult. They basically say "Look at me"! Is this a want or a need????? Many years ago, there was a beautiful young woman, we all was young at that time.

One guy asked her a question. He said, "Why do attractive people seek attention"? She said, "What"? He said it again! She said, in angry voice, "Listen Motherfucker! "Open your fucking eyes"! People who is attractive don't seek attention"! She said, "Not bragging, and attractive person don't have to advertise to be notice! They always would be notice. This is true, I never seen a beautiful person seek attention or an audiences. She said, "Not try to be mean, but the one who seek the attention is not usually attractive, they might be insecure.

She said, "I'm not trying to be mean". I know her, I believe she was sincere. There are some people who overkills to be notice. Years ago, a older person told me that you can get more people to notice you, if you put your feet in the water first, before you put in your whole body in the water. To this day, I have no fucking idea what the hell he was talking about! If you caught someone's eye, you already noticed! If you conceited, you might lost them! Conceit, insecure, you would lose your audiences, and the person who just like you for you!

We go too far, with conceit, and overkill, be yourself, stay humble, someone would like you more. You might already won they heart, don't blow it! Honesty, being humble, being yourself instead of being someone, you think other's might like. Believe me, if you be yourself, someone would "Take notice"! If someone not impress with the real you, you probably shouldn't be with them anyway!

"Beautiful women Mooning". What a masterpiece!
Posted:Aug 13, 2021 10:19 pm
Last Updated:Aug 16, 2021 7:21 am
I love beautiful women and I love the Moon, now through a work of art, you got both together!

"Sarcasm, fuck quotes and Captions.
Posted:Aug 12, 2021 10:21 pm
Last Updated:Aug 31, 2021 10:35 pm
I'm in one of them "Fuck" moods AGAIN!

"A picture is worth a thousand words".
Posted:Aug 7, 2021 7:39 pm
Last Updated:Aug 9, 2021 5:29 am
These are some pictures, I found beauty in and wanted to say, amazing!

Naughty captions, I got some more! Don't miss out.
Posted:Aug 6, 2021 9:50 pm
Last Updated:Aug 7, 2021 1:30 pm
I think you might like these, atleast some of these.

"Now here's some we hope you really like". Well, I hope so!
Posted:Aug 5, 2021 10:02 pm
Last Updated:Aug 6, 2021 7:43 pm
Here is some caption, that you might think OK.

"Beautiful art, photography of Beaches and Oceans, an afternoon delight.
Posted:Aug 3, 2021 1:28 pm
Last Updated:Aug 4, 2021 9:41 am
Here is some beautiful, colorful art, I hope you like.

" A woman's worth".
Posted:Aug 2, 2021 9:42 pm
Last Updated:Aug 3, 2021 1:09 pm
A woman's worth, to some. Worth more than gold, someone to be your companion when you get old. Someone who'se there, when your in a world that don't care. A woman's worth, is someone who turn and blind eye, even when you don't deserve it, for you maded her cry. A woman's worth, is someone who is gentle yet strong, eventhough sometimes in life, they might be treated wrong, A woman's worth, is when society laugh at you in your face, they got your back and they can't be replace. A woman's worth, for even God knew that man can't live alone, so he created women, so man and woman can have a happy home.


There was a movie I seen about a month ago on Turner movie classic. The movie called "The Petrified Forest". In the movie was Bette Davis, Humphey Bogart, and Leslie Howard ( played Ashley on Gone with the Wind").

In the movie, these people traveling, they don't know each other and they go to this Resturant. This old who own the Resturant, grown grand fall for this stranger.This guy talk in riddles and not sure what he want out of life. But he mention, he like to see the "Petrified Forest". The traveler leave, the man and a older couple, they get car jack by some thugs, for the Thugs car wouldn't start. They took the car of the travelers and drove off. The man took off walking after the Thugs. The couple got the thugs car going. So everyone back in the resturant, who would had quessed?

The man come back first, and wanted to talk to the old man grown grand . Then the couple comes back. He was tell the grand , that deserve to leave this place and travel. In the movie he filled out these papers, and got the old man to witness and sign. He told the leader of the thugs to kill him, for if he's dead, the grand would have enough money for a better life. The policy was for $5000. The couple could belive that he was serious. He was! The old man said to him. "The woman don't live or ever did live, that's worth $5000"!

The man that loved the grand said this! Any woman's worth everything that any man has to give"! These scenes in the movie got to me. I know someone who was blessed to have a great woman. I think my grand dad was the luckiest man alive! He did everything you could to hurt someone and my grandmother was there with him till his dying day! A good woman is "A woman's worth"! So in the movie, I agree! Any woman's worth is everything that a man has to give!

"Beauty and Rains". These girls love to be wet!!!!!!
Posted:Aug 1, 2021 8:14 pm
Last Updated:Aug 3, 2021 6:50 am
Shame on you! You had a dirty mind. Just Rains pictures with beautiful women.

A little naughty captions and quotes with a little adult humor.
Posted:Jul 30, 2021 8:55 pm
Last Updated:Aug 3, 2021 6:49 am
I think, you might like some of these!

"One hell of a tease"!
Posted:Jul 28, 2021 9:05 pm
Last Updated:Jul 29, 2021 12:28 pm
Women we love you! We want you and desire you, and once you know that, you got us! Adam and Eve is a prime example. When the first time Eve seen Adam's Dick get hard, she knew she got him! But Eve got scammed by a Big Ass Snake! He must had been a Bull-shitter and must had game, for she spitted his game and Eve was his. They say a man is a a Dog. But that Big Ass Snake was the first Motherfucking Dog! He was a straight up Gansta. He charmed Eve and he knew Adam will follow suite. He knew Adam had a Dick and was a Wuss. Our Dicks get hard, what can we say? But getting to the point.

Let, me tell you the real story. When I was in high school they was a student, who was a player, the girl loved him. BUT, he was 21, maybe this why they loved him for he could buy them alcohol? Who know? He probaly should have had 3 years of college? I asked him, if he quit high school and came back? He said, NO! I said OK. He said 10th grade kicked his ass! Maybe it just took 3 years to finish the 10th grade? Who know? He always praised himself, and bragged about the girls he fucked. I fiqured he better be quiet. For him being 21, and screwing a high school girl was a one way ticket to jail.

One day this girl heard him bragging and she said, "That Motherfucker"! Naw , she said, "That Old Motherfucker"! She said, I'm going to bring him to his knees! She was 17 years old and a dime! Everyone when Coo coo for Cocoa Puffs over her. She got his attention and they went on a few dates. He started to changed, he told people that she want to be married for she had sex. He even said she's the one! The school year was almost over. Everyone was talking about graduation, i didn't mention that to him, for I wasn't sure, if that going to happen for him!

So the school year over and months later, my cousin and I went to a nightclub and saw him. In Va. You can hang in the bar or night club at 18, but you can drink alcohol, you have a red band. I talk to him, he was sad, depressed and crying. I asked about Tammy. He said, He wanted to married her and raised a family with her! He said, he never loved anyone in his life but he fell in love with Tammy! He said, tammy stole my heart and ruin me! He said, Drew, I would never love AGAIN! I said to him, Tammy, she's "One hell of a tease"!!!!!!

"Colorful work of Art"!
Posted:Jul 27, 2021 8:22 pm
Last Updated:Jul 28, 2021 9:41 pm
Everyone know I love colordul, weird Art!

"Someecards with a little adult humor
Posted:Jul 25, 2021 7:47 pm
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2021 12:23 pm
We all like some humor, how's about a little adult humor.


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