Covid question  

rm_NWOparties 46G
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4/25/2021 11:46 pm
Covid question

So asking here

If you have had the shot or shots, are you only willing to play with others that have had the vaccine also? How do you feel about playing with others that have had covid already?

Those of you that have already had covid what are you looking for to be able to play?

To those who have not taken the vaccination or been sick ( to the best of your knowledge) what are you looking for to be able to play?

I am not just looking to see how others feel at present.

time4fun662 64M/60F
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4/26/2021 5:59 am

I have had both shots and had planed to go forward and start spreading my legs.
However, so many people are coming down with this plague here in Michigan I am going to wait a bit longer. I hope it subsides soon, I need some strange!! K-

ohioguy606 75M
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4/26/2021 6:15 am

Getting my second shot next week.... then I'm ready to meet with someone for some exciting times.....

author51 59F  
130010 posts
4/26/2021 7:17 am

Not willing to meet until after lock down here has ended and both myself and a lover I chose have had our shots...

missingthe_y 62M
67 posts
4/28/2021 10:32 am

Had 2nd shot 2 weeks ago, Im ready!

Looking4funNWO 69M
1 post
5/9/2021 2:07 pm

Had both shots and ready to play

Secret_Explorer_ 52M
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5/16/2021 9:25 pm

I have had both shots. I ask that potential partners have had both shots before we meet physically. I don't demand proof, but I also would not accept arguments, either.

Frankly, if you're the sort of person who would refuse a vaccination during a pandemic, you're not the sort of person that I would want to be intimate with.

MisterXTC1000 57M
368 posts
6/14/2021 1:36 pm

I have had both shots and could really use to shoot a load or two with a sexy lady

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