Sex Education  

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10/3/2021 5:47 am

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Sex Education

I am enjoying the series Sex Education on Netflix. Takes place in an English high school and our hero is a sixteen year old boy who is hungry for sex but repressed, afraid and a virgin. His sex therapist mom has made him a sex yoda, helping others but not himself.

The pecking order based on popularity, looks and athletic skill is apparent and crushing.

Sadly all the rich and attractive ones have secret shames and hangups. The less attractive have secret virtues as well. Sort of like real life, only more poetic. Sometimes goofballs are just flops. Sometimes the rich and desirable are more desirable.

Still glad I did not peak in high school. College was more fun. Ok to be smart and sexual.

Nice to evolve past high school, but the trauma of relationships and sex lingers on for most adults.

redmustang91 62M
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10/3/2021 5:48 am

Check it out if you like teen sex problems... And can enjoy others misery solved easily.

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