Sorry I went missing  

pattm1979 43F
259 posts
1/24/2022 9:07 am
Sorry I went missing

I have 500+ missed messages, sorry about that, hope this makes up for it!

Haven't posted any nude photos but what do you guys think?

1salesman3 67M  
7632 posts
1/24/2022 12:15 pm

Very sexy.

Grr8kissrr 48M  
27 posts
1/24/2022 12:21 pm

Yeah, well, this kinda makes up for it so, well played!

HughJardon62 60M

1/24/2022 1:54 pm

You look delectable!

I'm a standard member, so normal messaging doesn't work.
But we can chat on my blog, "We Can Talk Here"

Leegs2012 49M  
96135 posts
1/24/2022 1:57 pm

You have a sexy body!! Sexy LEGS!!

Squier57 64M
101 posts
1/24/2022 2:46 pm

Be safe
S x

peladodel56 65M  
10340 posts
1/24/2022 2:47 pm

Te ves muy bien así "vestida" ... 🙄

Unzipmeslowly51x 52M
216 posts
1/24/2022 4:49 pm

That definately makes up for vanishing😁😁welcome back x

iwant2lickuthere 54M  
3537 posts
1/24/2022 8:11 pm

This is a good start.

RobK2006 55M  
5998 posts
1/25/2022 2:42 am

You are incredibly sexy! I just got hard looking at this pic. Very hot! I hope you wear the tightest jeans and exercise pants. All the men you know must get so horny looking at you.

69ereatwetpussy 59M  
6784 posts
1/25/2022 5:12 am

You are amazingly beautiful 😍
What a why to come back.
Just wow glad I still in bed myself
Would be so much better with you
Next to me on me me in you
Xoxoxxoo ox welcome back Thomas

lickeyzsplit 59M  
1516 posts
1/25/2022 5:28 am

Mmmm Fantastic Pic xoxo

Passions375 43M
130 posts
1/29/2022 2:31 pm

All your working out has clearly paid off.

Notsurewhat1981 40M
11 posts
2/1/2022 10:39 pm


slowrider8649 57M
189 posts
2/5/2022 9:08 pm

Your photos are very captivating!! I often drift off and start dreaming of things I would do to you

Fundesires24 52M

2/15/2022 7:28 pm

Yes that definitely does makeup for disappearing. You look stunning. 😋

Mrfun178 43M  
3 posts
3/8/2022 12:01 pm

I wanna do bad things to you…

nobsnsa69 52M
2 posts
3/22/2022 12:04 pm

I would love to spend time with your knees by my ears!

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