A follow up..  

pattm1979 42F
252 posts
7/29/2021 1:54 pm
A follow up..

Seems everyone thinks they should be shorter so how's this?

Leegs2012 49M  
93005 posts
7/29/2021 2:16 pm

Very Nice! You have sexy..sexy LEGS!!! Great pose too!! It defines your sexy Thighs!!!

ClassicRock2015 68M
2015 posts
7/29/2021 3:11 pm

wow.....such a sexy pic !....well done !

Dogalways 52M
80 posts
7/29/2021 3:12 pm

Here in CA you would fit right in with Daisy Dukes like that, just need some flashy heels and a scant top.

RobK2006 54M
5953 posts
7/29/2021 3:15 pm

Damn that is SMOKING HOTTTT!!!! That is the hottest pic I have seen in a long time.

Maybe066 55M  
2 posts
7/29/2021 3:15 pm

Loving those shorts

thinksmiles1 64M/65F
1261 posts
7/29/2021 3:19 pm

Very Sexy!

midhard1 65M
294 posts
7/29/2021 3:47 pm

Nice and bulge worthy!

Comments on my blog "midhard1" or on my erotic stories welcomed.

ShaKeaRxoox 21M
16 posts
7/29/2021 3:47 pm

Mm 💎

Bonem91 31M
95 posts
7/29/2021 3:55 pm

Perfect. I'm in love C'est magnifique!

Bonem91 31M
95 posts
7/29/2021 3:55 pm

disago 52M
205 posts
7/29/2021 4:32 pm

And a pair of summer Chucks?! My God.

Lkn4funwith2 56M
1212 posts
7/29/2021 4:54 pm

YESSS!!! Beautiful view Since I am an Assman, I would love to see the rear view

lickeyzsplit 59M  
1496 posts
7/29/2021 6:17 pm

Mmm Sexy Perfection !! You are SMOKIN HOT !! xoxo

Luv2bottom4u2 64M  
1872 posts
7/29/2021 6:49 pm

If you were sitting on my face this pic would be perfect

iwant2lickuthere 54M  
3527 posts
7/29/2021 8:35 pm

Much bettet

regiohot98 25M
1 post
7/29/2021 8:59 pm

Very hot!

atace 66M  
37 posts
7/29/2021 11:43 pm

much better

justme51 70M

7/30/2021 3:24 am


1salesman3 67M
7199 posts
7/30/2021 4:39 am

So sexy.

69ereatwetpussy 59M
6513 posts
7/30/2021 4:51 am

You should make a skirt out of it
Otherwise your daisy duke short are about as short as you can get.

profcoquin27bis 57M
4263 posts
7/30/2021 5:58 am

splendid, can it be even shorter? and the rear view please

SixHard 65M
184 posts
7/30/2021 9:07 am


allgud69xxx 48M
499 posts
7/30/2021 1:02 pm

Oh, you’re soooooo close! Super, super close, even! Just a tiny-little bit shorter, and they’ll be perfect. But, with legs like *those*, I was very-nearly distracted. However, I did manage to keep my eyes on the prize … A naughty-fun outfit on a sexy woman makes a great photo. Thanks for posting it.

-- allgud69xxx

Yeah ... that's right ... I went there ..
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slo2600 45M
272 posts
7/30/2021 11:33 pm

Nicely done!

mc_justmc 61M  
6928 posts
8/1/2021 7:27 am

I vote "no shorts".

Bonem91 31M
95 posts
8/1/2021 1:03 pm

Here here!!
We can but hope??
Using ones imagination tends to work wonders..🤤

Steamsterrr 46M
40 posts
8/3/2021 5:12 am

getting there!

javierito_4235 29M
22 posts
8/4/2021 8:58 am

yummy, nice nice nice

PatriciaAHookup 31F

8/4/2021 11:59 am

Love to have you some time! You look so good!

pesting 42M
19 posts
8/7/2021 12:36 pm

Sexy pic

MrWrong4RghtNow 55M  
2391 posts
8/8/2021 7:30 pm

To be contrary, I say wear longer shorts. Cue the bowls of all the dudes getting pitchforks and torches my way 🤪

My name is MrWrong and I approved this comment

Unzipmeslowly51 51M

8/13/2021 4:49 pm

Damn...it works for me😈

NJGUY08090 55M
4299 posts
8/14/2021 3:09 am

Very nice but, I'd love to see them off.

Leon__Chen 47M
6 posts
8/17/2021 7:37 am

welcome to Taiwan

RideMeSlowly470 51M
116 posts
8/17/2021 6:01 pm

That's an improvement. Having spontaneous access to you is so important.

iraduu 41M
3581 posts
8/18/2021 1:28 pm

somente tesuda vc de calcinha.mostrar sua linda boceta

Suncali6882 38M
7 posts
8/20/2021 7:16 pm


Robert35171 65M
21 posts
8/21/2021 6:32 pm

nice pair of blue jean shorts

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