The Things You Learn About Yourself Through Other People  

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10/27/2017 1:27 am

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The Things You Learn About Yourself Through Other People

This was what I originally wanted to post about before I got distracted (and posted what I had posted earlier). Anyways, we've moved here for a good few months now, granted it isn't that long, but it feels a LOT longer. When friends found out we've moved to Bali a lot of them have called and/or dropped me messages and that, in turn has led to a lot of some really interesting conversations.

It's never comfortable to hear things about yourself, or rather I've always found discomfort in finding out how I'm perceived by others, especially close friends. So, sex site and all, I'll leave out the other non--sexed items.

Here's some of the things that I've been told about myself:😳
- I'm cock hungry.
I only accepted it cos after thinking about it, it's not untrue. That plus it came from the closest person I know, my husband 🀣

- I get dick drunk.
I didn't even know that was a thing. This came from a group of very close friends with whom I've played with for many many years. Apparently after I cum a few times, especially hard, I zone out and become incoherent. On a personal note, I disagree with this and am attributing it to fatigue. I'm tempted to ask the Husband but maybe next time. Moving on

- I need a few dicks to satisfy me.
My opinion, not true. I've been in relationships with girls and had gone years without the need for a dickπŸ˜‹

- I play rough. 😏
Well, it really depends on who I'm with

- I'm "nasty"
I don't think so. I've seen "nasty". My best friend in HK. THAT, is kinky-ass-nasty. I'm nowhere near her league. Lol

- A screamer
Again, depends on who I'm with. And many I'm with πŸ˜‰

- Dominant, as in I always take the lead
Not true

Some of what they told me was a lil hard to swallow (pardon the pun). It would have been easier to take if they weren't all such close friends. I would have just attributed it to different sides I show to different people. But oh well. All part and parcel of developing as a person 😊

Anyways. I'm gonna stop abruptly here. Gotta run.
TIl next time!

partygald 39F
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10/27/2017 1:28 am

What are some of the things your partners have told you? 😊

camperdude_69 61M
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10/27/2017 2:12 am

very nice

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10/27/2017 8:55 am

its not what others say about you, its what you think about yourself.
for example do you need a few dicks to satisfy you? dont answer with a simple yes or no, you should tell us do you love it? and let others to decide is it a yes or no.
And since im working in HK, would love to meet your miss nasty here lol

discreteSteve62 50M
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10/28/2017 1:46 am

So, sex site and all, I'll leave out the other non--sexed items.

Just because this site is primarily about sex doesn't mean that non-sex items are unwelcome. If you want to tell something interesting about yourself that's not about sex, go for it.

What are some of the things your partners have told you?

My evil ex-girlfriend told her hairdresser, "He has a fatty." The hairdresser repeated back much more loudly, "He has a fatty?" I was in the waiting area out in the lobby, and I could hear her say it. To that point, I hadn't really figured out that I was thick in that sense. (I guess that's a case of the hairdresser accidentally telling me something, rather than the ex-girlfriend.)

Evil ex-girlfriend told me that I was "pussy crazy". I already knew that.

My wife told me that I am the best at oral, much better than any other man she had been with, and even somewhat better than the best woman she had been with. (I think I was not as good with most previous partners, and the one I was with when I learned most of my oral skills didn't have enough experience to compare.)

wild19784 43M/35F
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11/15/2017 12:59 am

Just be your self and do things that makes you happy !

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