An update on the road  

partygald 39F
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7/9/2013 10:28 pm

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7/11/2013 9:58 pm

An update on the road

Its been awhile. I've been wanting to write something here but just haven't been inspired, so I guess I'll just update. I'm still on the road, traveling. I have left the ashram after just a month. But a whole month. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed it immensely and seeing how everything lined up the way it has, count myself fortunate to have had to opportunity to have experienced it. Sparing you dear readers the details, I've come away slightly wiser (I hope).

The only thing about that was that I was sharing a room with two others. In the time, actually even now, I was and am still horny. If it's even possible, even hornier. I made some friends and am still sharing a room with two others but now that we've moved away from the ashram, I at least get to relief some of that energy by rubbing a few out The plan is to travel around with my two new companions for another two weeks, then meet the bf in another city for a few days. Then it's off to Shanghai or HK to meet with the ex boss for the weekend, then to Bali for a week with the bf and I'm not sure who else he's invited. And I AM looking forward to that one. Now I gotta look for a salon cos it's been 7 weeks plus since my last appointment at the waxer and i kinda wanna hit Bali running around in my tiny bikinis and a full blown 70s bush...well, let's just try to avoid that eh?

Will post something a little more interesting soon. I hope.

Thanks for reading

FunPleasurable 58M
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7/10/2013 12:46 am

Wiser? Hhhmmm... Is that some cryptic term for someone snatching your clutch bag? Obviously it was not someone who clutched your snatch back there, right?

As for still being in India, holy moly! This is the best time to wear an slinky teenie weenie sari top and an equivalent color matching thong! And discover all the positions of Cumma-Sue-ta.

In the mean time, please be informed that your Nokia phone gives the strongest vibrations. If you give me your contact, I promise you give you continuous missed calls so you can enjoy the said strong vibrations.

As for ShangHai and or HongKong, umm... The best hotels over look then waters and have floor to ceiling height windows.

When you do visit Bali, try Au Naturel and Bali Lifestyle Resort.
I am sure you will enjoy a good time there.

Fun and Pleasure in Sunny Side Singapore. Come visit my blog and let's chat and explore.

mocetar7 52M
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7/10/2013 1:41 am

hmmmm... I dunno... 70s bush does have its believers...

Variety is the spice of life, non?

unknown170 43M
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7/11/2013 3:01 pm

If you need a tour guide or extra company in hk gimme a shout

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