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10/7/2021 6:51 pm
my reply to someone

Scotland has reported a 25% increase of heart attacks with vaccines. 1 month ago 22+ USAF Raptor Pilots walked off and quit because they knew the vaccines were causing commercial pilots to develop blood clots at high altitude. The vaccines in the Military have caused more injury than actual deaths before the vaccine rollout. Double vaccinated by phizor and moderna are 4.5% more likely to get covid than than the unvaccinated at 1.3% People get yearly flu shots are more likely get covid than those do not because the virus activates junk from the injections left over in each persons body. is a mathematical way that the hospitals can now classify vaccinated deaths by covid as unvaccinated. India as a whole is using Ivermectin and having great success. Nigeria has been mostly unaffected cause the majority of the population are on hydroxoclorine because of malaria. Israel the most vaccinated country in the world is now saying their passport cards are no good unless the person has had the newest booster shot. Why? Some universities are now requiring unvaccinated students wear bracelets with a yellow star. Do you remember when another population was required wear yellow stars on their persons? Dr Fauci was pursuing this research for a decade or longer before Barak Obama told him face to face to stop . Then he went back door funding a clinic in NY was funding the Wuhan lab. Hospitals across America are classifying every death they can as covid related. Why?? Because they get an automatic $45,000$ stipend from the US Govt in the process. And you need to follow the backwards the original source. IS THEE Primary bankroller backer funder of all the vaccine research?? Bill Gates. What has Bill Gates spoke about and championed about at times over the last 20 years of his life of which he has never ever reversed course? The world population needs be reduced 500 million worldwide for sustainability.... My is a Respiratory Therapist has resisted the vaccines thus far. And she is upspeed on this including all the Dis-Informaition the Nightly News and govt websites put forth. She says this is man made. And like the Spanish Flu after WWI it will eventually run its course but we are with it for years down the road. IE What are the long term health effects of these vaccines that are not like traditional vaccines? When she says she is ok with getting a vaccine finally I will consider. And think about this with an open mind. When it finally comes down a person showing a card be scanned in order enter into a grocery store to be able to food eat... How is that not the mark of the beast from the writings of the Book of Revelations? Do not search it online. You will get what my says is 'disinformation" by the search engines or nightly news. Simply go find a real old Bible and turn open Revelations and read the passages. And also go Georgia and read understand all you can about the mystery Georgia Stone Monuments that simply appeared one day within your lifetime. Follow the backwards. Have a good life.
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another uncited mis-informer among us

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Please lick as many chrome polished public doorknobs as possible.
Or just go lick fucking knobs.

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