nuthing2big1968 53M
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12/15/2021 12:35 pm

I am on here for some fun...if you think i will be a part of some long desired togetherness, move swiftly along. I have a spouse and she demands a lot of my time, however if you are for some hit me up for some fun then this is what you will get. I am over weight not grossly but not that much. Putting it out there. I have a beer gut, but my mouth and ass do the job I have positioned them in. My hair is red now, just colored it a couple of days ago. My wife did a fantastic job. Don't tell her that, it will go right to her head and as she only has one, get it?, then she will be trying to change my hair color every week. So, enough of her, I have her permission seeing that she knew I was BISEXUAL before we got married I promised one half to her, I do not cheat on her with other women but I get to play<b> games </font></b>with me when the urge takes me there. It could be a chance meeting or like on here but however we met, she gets all the juicy details. I don't divulge secrets but sex with another man is not the secret part. I find myself a great listener and love to laugh and joke around. Well that is about me and my life, a little taste of it, speaking of tastes, I spit don't swallow.....LOL......tell me stuff about you. Oh, and when I say I'll show up I mean it. I can work around schedules and I don't like being left somewhere. When you say you will be there, there will not be forgiven. I am a BOTTOM only, I do not TOP. There are other things we can do than just screwing each other. The rest is for you to ask me if you wish to know. I am on here for just about everyone. Men that are scruffy, thin, overweight, TRANNIES, up in age, etc. Take care and until I have your cock in my mouth...Hum to you later.

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