a few recent thoughts  

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1/25/2022 11:51 am

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2/12/2022 9:33 pm

a few recent thoughts

the reason i am here is to find and have more sexual encounters. encounters for me to play with , suck and be penetrated with and by the dicks/cocks of the men who desire to do such with another man. this site is tough. tough find chat just to say hello. whether profile deems a match or not. some ugly a lot just plain rude with just to try be social saying hello and ask how doin or doin on this site. kinda thought all are here to find n have more sex play than currently are doing but seems a lot are here to stoke their fantisies and never meet or be one hit wonder if ever meet that first one. to that i say WTF? really, to say hello not gonna give ya away. your friend won't discover your fantasy because said hello to someone on here if in closet about your sexuality. bump into someone in a bar n they say hello odds are you will answer or give that<b> head </font></b>nod in return with a smile. i tried to say hello to many on here thru the years regardless of status of what looking for just because from same town or neighboring town that is or was close and get the you're not my type then block ya. especially lot profiles say here to have fun. nothin else. well, how is one to know what want if don't give some kind of clue.i guess the general attitude of general population is catching this site now. lot rudeness if you ask them and worse if they ask you and you give same treatment or reply as treated. glad i am older now and won't have deal with lot this type stuff another 40 years. tho i let most things go like this it does get on nerves once in while n that why posting this now. just to get it out.

EastmetroMwm 62  
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2/1/2022 6:12 am

I agree about the rudeness! I am still surprised by the number of messages I get that completely ignore what I've written in my profile, and some send me a message and then I see they have never even VIEWED my profile, just messaged me based on whatever pic I have as my main one. I've found most people who reply don't even read the VERY FIRST SENTENCE of my profile. Amazing.

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