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8/20/2021 1:14 pm

Walked into his apartment where he met me at the kitchen counter. He immediately got behind me telling me that I had been a bad girl and that he was going to punish me. he pushed my skirt down to the floor. Then my panties. He left my heals, my shirt and bra on. He then shoved me down on the counter with my ass sticking up. spanked me. One slow hard spank at a time. Rubbing the sting away every time. Each spank causing a gasp or a moan from my throat. After about 20 spanks he let his hand wander to my pussy. He rubbed the outside lips and pressed them in against me. Pressing on my throbing clit. Oh I moaned and begged him to touch me. Please . Please touch me where you know I like it. He chuckled and said maybe you wants my big hard cock He spanked me again and again alternating with a finger on my clit and inside me slightly. Enough to make my hips rock on his finger. My pussy greedy for more. Once he spanked me to the point of having a red ass and me whimpering he took me to the bedroom where he proceeded to attach me to the bed, spread eagle.

I couldn't move a muscle. All I could do was watch him. Watch him cup my pussy. Watch him put his mouth on my nipple. He licked and sucked on them alternatively until I was wreathing and wiggling on the bed and breathless. Soo wet it was dripping on the bed.
He then got out a dildo and pressed it up against my clit and turned on the vibrations.. my eyes almost rolled back in my head it was so good. The dildo was then pressed against my opening. Pushed inside one wonderful centimeter at a time. Pulled out to the sound of a wet pussy. Moaning and begging for it again. More. Please fuck me with that more. So he proceeded to do it quicker. The pace is almost frantic now. In and out so fast it was barely there before it was gone. Driving me crazy. He then moved up so his cock was in front of my face and he shoved it in my mouth. Telling me to be good and suck cock the way that I know be likes. to be a good girl. I took him balls deep and sucked on it hard. Soon he was fucking my mouth. He got so hard and started leaking cum in my mouth.

He withdrew his cock and moved down. To settle between my legs. He pushed the dildo in all the way. Roughly. Causing a long ragged moan. He then proceeded to devour my pussy. Be licked. He sucked. He bit. He pounded it with the toy til I exploded in a hard long orgasm rocking my body as best I could I was so completely tied down. I just collapsed after that.

He undid the straps keeping the hand and leg cuffs on. He pulled my ass to the side of the bed where he put my legs up on His chest and be drove his cock inside me over and over again. Lifting my legs up forcing me to squirt all over him and the floor. That warm liquid running down my ass and hitting the floor. He came inside the warm wet pussy filling it with cum.

Thanks for stopping by, please comment whether you liked it or not.. but please keep it positive and sexy...lol


freddybeach69 58M
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10/6/2021 4:57 am

I do love how your mind works!!!!

69tongueualot69 67M  
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8/21/2021 5:17 pm

That was very hot. Daddy/Daughter is very appealing. You sure cause an effect on me. I love performing fantasies.

Contipatrio 68M
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8/21/2021 4:20 am

Well done. Very hot.

boobwhisperer69 59M  
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8/20/2021 9:45 pm

I like that!!!!

Suncali6882 39M
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8/20/2021 7:15 pm


lonely4us68 54M  
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8/20/2021 2:11 pm

Very mentally visual .... and uplifting

chuckjaw 50M
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8/20/2021 1:51 pm

that is damn hot the wetter baby girl get the better

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