Real fantasy  

nch40hard 46M
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1/1/2022 5:01 pm
Real fantasy

I follow you back your hotel. You don’t see me until I get onto elevator w you. You select floor. I say thank you , for me. We stand quietly as elevator goes up. You catch me looking at you. Doors open and both walk to rooms. I purposely let you go ahead of me. I walk a few doors away from the room you go into. You push door open wide and go in. I quickly race behind you and stop door from closing. You look at me startled and quickly tell you I want to you. You say, I was hoping you for this. I push you onto the bed. Take off my belt strapping ur ankles together. I pull out my handcuffs strapping your wrists together behind ur back. Rolling you face down on ur stomach on the bed, I shove my cock deep into ur pussy. Grab ur neck and hair forcing you face down into bed pumping the out of you. You let be. Your moans were<b> music </font></b>my ears. Asking you do you want more ? As I slap ur ass. I ask you tell me you love me? Tell me now? You say . I tell you ask me not too stop? While I’m still pounding you. Pumping away I cum deep inside you. Moaning load. Grunting. Once I feel my last drop I slowly climb off. Telling you dirty things that your the best while pulling your hair and telling you, next time marry a guy like me.

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