Why are we on this site  

miserable2019 75M  
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12/29/2021 6:01 am
Why are we on this site

The simple answer is sex. The rest is complicated. The most common reason is what we are missing. Whether it's none, not enough or a different type of sex. I'm lucky that I get my share(could always be more) yet I want something my current partner is not a fan off. She is not open to<b> oral sex </font></b>and I LOVE to eat pussy! I really don't care if a woman does not want to give oral as long as she's open to receiving it. I find it's an essential part of foreplay for me and I miss it. That's why I enjoy bi-curious couples so much. Some get off on humiliation, watching, bondage and so many other kinks. All are good as long as all agree on the terms. Variety really is the spice of life, not necessarily people but rather the experience. I welcome comments or thoughts which most don't respond. I respond to other blogs most always because everybody has something to say.

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