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luv2suk1966 61M/55F  
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12/4/2021 10:27 am
Classic Country

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Have a great day, and be nice to one another.

HughJardon62 60M

1/21/2022 5:12 am

I used to sing that in a band I played with back in the day! Nowadays, it's getting harder to find older women that still want to play. I've had to regroup and start considering the advantages of younger women!

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luv2suk1966 replies on 2/5/2022 5:31 am:
Did you really? That's cool!
Menopause is real, and it sucks!!

KansasMom53 61F  
207 posts
1/6/2022 3:01 pm

That homemade caramel corn looks delicious!

luv2suk1966 replies on 1/7/2022 4:15 am:
Thank you! It's really easy, made with Corn Puffs. No seeds or shells.

robb1059 27M  
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1/4/2022 4:14 am

So is that a hard 35?

luv2suk1966 replies on 1/6/2022 3:59 am:
Depends on the mood and the connection, I guess.

merlot5555 65M/55F  
1472 posts
12/30/2021 7:42 am new post from the farmlands of Illinois, so I popped in here to wish Scooter Girl and hubby a Happy New Year! .... make it a good one.... we only have one journey so it's important to make it a memorable one.... carpe diem.....

luv2suk1966 replies on 1/3/2022 3:58 am:
Ya' know, I meant to blog a few times throughout our 2 week break, but kept busy! Happy New Year to you, Sexy!!

sexstarvedme1966 55M  
383 posts
12/16/2021 3:25 am

By the way - I dropped you a couple of emails.

luv2suk1966 replies on 1/3/2022 3:57 am:
Got 'em!

sexstarvedme1966 55M  
383 posts
12/16/2021 3:21 am

I like looking at young ladies, but heck - I am realistic enough to know that I am unlikely to get one. Besides, working with ladies in their 20's has shown me that we have little in common to talk about. I'm not up on all that is hip and trendy in the youth culture and they don't know "ancient history" Having said that I certainly wouldn't turn a younger model down and could perhaps show her some things that her boyfriend could not.

I have nothing against age differences: Age is just a number and you are only as old as the girl you are feeling. But I do think that there needs to be some common ground unless all you are doing is a quick scratch of each others' itch. Which is not a problem, either.

luv2suk1966 replies on 1/3/2022 3:57 am:
Agreed all around!

merlot5555 65M/55F  
1472 posts
12/6/2021 11:30 am's never he age that really counts.... it's the imagination and curiosity.... that is the special sauce for this lad....

PS ... motorcycle now tucked away for winter.... c'mon spring......

luv2suk1966 replies on 12/6/2021 4:28 pm:
But sometimes if it's a HUGE difference, there's nothing to talk about. Then again, why is there talking??
Yes. Both of our babies our tucked away. Booooooo

mc_justmc 62M  
6929 posts
12/5/2021 4:47 am

caramel? yes! popcorn? yes! together? nooooooooooo!!! I'd never get that out of my teeth!

luv2suk1966 replies on 12/6/2021 4:26 pm:
Ohhhh, mine just melts in your mouth. Umm, just like something else on my body. hehehe

PonyGirl1965 56F  
22090 posts
12/5/2021 1:13 am

I'm older than Cowboy. By a few months, LOL.
People always think he is older than me.

luv2suk1966 replies on 12/5/2021 5:27 am:
A few months is nothin'. I always tell Hubby that if something happened to him, I would probably go get me 2 35 year olds! hahaha

author51 59F  
130009 posts
12/4/2021 11:33 pm

I have posted the song "Older Woemn Make Beautiful Lovers" on a weekend blog post as the lyrics are so true. xoxo

luv2suk1966 replies on 12/5/2021 5:26 am:
Did you? I giggled as I listened to it. So true...

Go_Down_Cowboy_2 60M
1009 posts
12/4/2021 8:29 pm

Evenin' Luvs...
I woke up to about 4" of new snow. I promised a buddy I would help him out at the Gun Show this weekend rest for the wicked. Had a pretty good time at the show today.
It snowed all day...Lookin for another snow day tomorrow. Sunday, the last day of the gun show, means packin up and haulin home all the stuff that didn't sell.
Darlin, not sure how you make your caramel corn...but I think I gained 3 Lbs, just lookin at it!!! Yumm Yumm!
Have a great weekend!!

luv2suk1966 replies on 12/5/2021 5:25 am:
Snow??? Ewwww. None of that here yet, and I'm thankful. Don't work too hard!!
The caramel corn is very easy - I use a bag of Corn Puffs instead of popcorn. I've spent a ton of money on my teeth - I hate the kernels and shells getting stuck.

spunkycumfun 61M/67F  
41166 posts
12/4/2021 2:34 pm

The cliche is that age is just a number. Yes, but it means more than that. It's about experiences, attitudes and bodies. I go with the ten years rule - anything over or above, give-or-take, has its issues! But all relationships have their issues.

luv2suk1966 replies on 12/5/2021 5:22 am:
The ten year rule is probably a good rule to have in place.

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