Another HOT Netflix Show  

luv2suk1966 61M/55F
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10/6/2021 4:33 pm
Another HOT Netflix Show

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Have a great day, and be nice to one another.

positively4you 72F  
4575 posts
10/7/2021 6:58 am

Agree. Awesome series. Binged watched it in one day.

luv2suk1966 replies on 10/8/2021 4:15 am:
If I had a whole day to myself, I could've done that, too. Thanks for stopping by!

mc_justmc 61M  
6928 posts
10/7/2021 4:05 am

I haven't seen that, I was watching "Making a Murderer". So fucked up!

luv2suk1966 replies on 10/8/2021 4:14 am:
That sounds interesting. Might have to put that on my list, too. A friend said "Midnight Mass" is very fucked up.

author51 59F  
129274 posts
10/6/2021 11:30 pm

I will check it out.Sounds like one I could get into..xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life.xoxo


luv2suk1966 replies on 10/7/2021 4:07 am:
It's your typical Netflix original. Very stimulating, though.

G000dbuddy 34M  
1586 posts
10/6/2021 11:28 pm


PonyGirl1965 56F
21529 posts
10/6/2021 11:10 pm

I love full frontal nudity and sex

luv2suk1966 replies on 10/7/2021 4:05 am:
Me, too! There is a shower scene in the 2nd or 3rd episode that is eye opening! If you GOOGLE Sex/Life, you will get answers to whether or not the GIANT naked dick is real or not. hahahaha I guess people wanted to know!

boobwhisperer69 59M  
8159 posts
10/6/2021 9:39 pm

She sure is!!!!

luv2suk1966 replies on 10/7/2021 4:02 am:
I really thought it was her at first.

luv2suk1966 61M/55F
1888 posts
10/6/2021 4:35 pm

Check it out!!

Have a great day, and be nice to one another.

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