Moving again!  

lola2b4u 48T
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5/7/2021 8:08 pm
Moving again!

UGH! So i have to find another place the end of the month again....i feel like a square peg trying to be forced into a round hole! It's almost like a frat-house here & i tend to keep to myself, so not really fitting in. Getting a little tired of "adults" who act more like !
hoping that wherever i wind up that the people are decent & can respect the fact that a private person who really isn't intrested in partying every week! I did plenty of that in my 20's & even then it wasn't that much lol! Having friends visit is ok but when it feels like there is a revolving door & constantly seeing new faces makes shake my head!
It would be nice to wind up somewhere where i could just be myself & able to dress whenever i feel like it & possibly even have friends over from time to time. There are so few venues for us gurls to be able to gather at that it's sometimes discouraging & makes alot of us feel lonely from time to time. Thankfully social media can help lessen those feelings via groups & like-minded people to with.

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