Bad start to New Year  

lola2b4u 48T
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1/5/2021 3:37 am
Bad start to New Year

So my gf of 10 years went to see her & grandkids for xmas/new years ....told me that she wasn't coming back...that's a thoughtful gift to give someone lol. Said she wasn't happy so i guess it's better then staying & being misereable.

toymaker47 59M

5/3/2021 6:01 am

Hope it all works out best for you.

lola2b4u replies on 5/19/2021 1:41 pm:
She keeps trying to toy with my me the "i miss...." & statements like "i know i hurt you & you would never take me back..." UGH! My main focus is finding a place to live & THEN worry about other stuff lol!

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